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    Me, ... 46 YO former pro' musician and now office worker. Stress incontinence from early years which ended up being used against me in a form of abuse at a UK private school. As a result, a reluctant and little bit depressed AB living in a weird wrecked marriage, having lost effective care of my own kids from when they were 6/7 as a result, but not wanting to leave and loose contact with them altogether.

    Lived at different times in the UK, USA, Scandinavia. Love music, specially 80's rock TOTO, classical, Dave Grusin, Amy Grant. Canoeing on the fjords or on the sea; Christian but not denominational, religeous or judgemental.

    "Live and let live"


    Greetings to all.

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    Hi, allmuddledup. Welcome to ADISC, the best *B/DL and IC support community that exists. Yeah, that's my personal opinion, but I hope that in a very short while, you come to feel the same way about this community. Take care, and I'll be looking for your posts.

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    Welcome to ADISC! We do have a couple people here from the Scandinavia area but I can only recall one (Pikachu from Sweden). Hope you enjoy your time on this site! So, when you were a pro musician, what kind of music did you do?

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