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    Default Hey!!!!!

    Sounds I'm new here (duh!) and I figured why not, I should make one of these threads.
    Im soon to turn 16, and live in America, I would say what state but I am allitle nervous of that just yet. My name is Tyler just so you know

    As for the diaper side of me, I and very much a DL, TB not so much, somewhat I guess, lets say Id rather be 4 than 2. I like pull up style diapers alot, not like crappy depends ones, but like Pull Up brand and what not, but I am just slightly too big for those haha. I don't get diapers very often as this side of me is a secret. I found out about my diaper-ness maybe when I was 11 or 12, but once I did, I realised I had been like this forever. I first found the site who shall not be named and thought it was great cause I thought it was real and not what it really is and thought that it was by people my age like me, it didnt take long, I stopped going there. This is my first site that I have joined and really think I will like it here.

    Now for the other side of me, I am pretty interesting, haha. I am kinda crazy, I guess you could say. I love the color green, alot, and I dont like yellow, at all. I realise thats random, but I felt like sharing :P I ramble alot aswell. I am a nice guy, to anyone who is nice to me first. I am rather religous I guess. And music is a big part of me aswell. I am about to be a junior at a relatively large high school that I love, I am excited about being an upperclassmen. I spend alot of my summer at amuesment parks, I really like roller coasters, too much really. My life story is deffinitly a weird one, but a happy one.

    I got my user name from Dr. Suess, his real name is Theodore Geseil and he would sometimes flip his last name tto LeSieg as a pen name, I read that earlier today so thats why I picked it.

    I was very weary as to joining this site, I checked it out for a while before I did and there seems to be a nice break from the creepers on other sites. I am pretty excited to be a member here and can't wait for a good adisc future!

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    Great Scott! A human being! What majestic mysteries might mitigate my mauve marauder merrily mincing many minstrels? May it be a missing message? I am unsure whether we may call this a ramble or a rant, really it's just the ravings rambling round.
    On to sanity:
    Welcome to Adisc, any specific genres of music that you find more important than others?

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    I like most anything, well not country music hahaha. I love the Dave Matthews Band alot. My favorite piano piece is Clair De Lune, and I detest the mentioning of it in Twilight...
    But to answer your question, not really.

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    Hey and Hi, LeSieg. Welcome to ADISC, I am glad you found us. With very few exceptions, the members here are very friendly and supportive, I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here.

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