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Thread: How many of you guys wake up little?

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    Default How many of you guys wake up little?

    Regardless of how I fell asleep (diaper no diaper big or little) I always find myself completely babyish when I'm awake in the mornings. I'm all little and cuddly... does this happend do any of you guys?

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    Only if I'm woken up by somebody. You can guarantee that I will talk nonesense for a few minutes until I fall back to sleep again.

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    Oh, yeah. Sometimes I'll feel babyish for no reason though. It could be at work or some other place I can't act it out.

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    When I wake up, I don't feel babyish at all. Then again, I'm not an AB in the fundamental sense.

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    I always wake up kinda babyish, wearing a sleeper every night I couldn't call it anything else, on cold mornings I love it when I take my warmth with me on warm mornings I just leave the zip undone.

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    I would say 4 or 5 days each week, I wake up and feel little, but it eventually fades, and I have to return to reality. I wake up curled, with Buzzy wrapped up in my arms which makes me feel little, but I sometimes watch kiddie programming before actually getting dressed for the day which makes me feel little as well. Often times when I wake up, I am the only one home because everyone else has already left for the day. If I have nothing that needs done or nowhere I need to go, these days give me the perfect opportunity to stay little longer.

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    I do when woken early as well. I get cranky and speak toddler-ish to my fiance, lol.

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    I wake up little almost every day, I sleep in a car bed at night with my blues clues plushie and always am wearing at least a goodnite to bed (bedwetter), so the mood is set perfectly the night before as most nights I am tucked in by my wife/mommy and alot of times I get a story and other good stuff like a cup of juice and my kiss on the forehead good night...

    The reality sets in and I have to go to work and return to adulthood, but those nights and mornings are the greatest. I also love weekends as I normally can toddle around in my jammies with my plushie until I need to dress for the day.

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    I hate to press alt+tab every morning, when Im hiding my paci and starting my "very hard life normal."

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    I never really realized this. I guess I need to test this out now, or well when I go to sleep.

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