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Thread: Bambinos or ABU Cushies?

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    Default Bambinos or ABU Cushies?

    Which should I try? I"m thinking of ordering a sample of Bambino's or ABu CUshies.... I'd like to try both eventually but as for now the Bambinos would come out cheaper but the ABUCushies are so freaking adorable... So overall should I go with ABU Cushies or Bambinos? Keep in mind I would prefer USPS shipping as apposed to Fed Ex.... My mom knows the fed ex guy and USPS will simply just drop em in my front door. My mail doesn't get opened BTW and I can pass the size of ass a video game. I purchase a lot online.

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    From my experience the ABU cushies are mega adorable with the designs all around the diaper, and are mega crinkly. The one tape design actually worked well for me and it was very babyish. The thing is unless you're running about half naked looking at yourself in a mirror all day, you realize that stuff is not as good as comfort and performance. ABU cushies are mega cute if you have no intention of using them, as their absorbency ranks in about the mid range of what I've tried. I've heard that ABU's service is not so great, though I've ordered from them twice, and had no problems.

    However if you wanna actually use them, or stay in them for awhile the bambinos are overall much more comfortable, still have a decent amount of crinkle, and absorb much more in my experience. They're also cheaper per diaper. I tried the cushies, liked them okay, but ultimately went back to the bambinos. I'd say go with the bambinos or the tried and true X-plus.

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    Caveat emptor, when purchasing from ABU. They are currently on ADISC's blacklist of suppliers due to poor customer service, not shipping orders, shipping incorrect orders, etc.

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    If you are looking for performance than go with Bambinos.

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    apples to oranges, show off your cushie tushie, but for service its all about the bambino butt!

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    bambinos work really well and still have the crinkle sound if you are looking for that and are very affordable for a sample pack. even if you get 2 packs (4 diapers total) just to try what are you really out...$20 (with shipping) big deal, i admit i don't know about the Cushies, but if it comes down to $, weigh it out that way if you have to. good luck.

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    It's hard for a lot of members here to advise any order from ABU in good faith because they have a history of terrible service. Some people have had no problems, others have had nothing but problems.

    As far as the diapers go, it's all about how you plan on using them. Cushies are more "babyish", but Bambinos are by far the superior performing diaper.

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    As others have said ABU has very bad service the first time I ordered from them I never got my diapers. I had to fax them proof that I paid for the diapers . Then they shipped them. The second time i ordered from them I didnt have a problem. Its a hit and miss with them.

    I like Cushies because they are very babyish but Bambinos are a way better diaper

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    Yeah, I wouldn't order from ABU because of horrible customer service. Bambino has a great diaper, its comfy, thick, crinkly, padded all over goodness. Besides the prints on the diaper it's horrible, its flimsy, and basically works like any crappy diaper bought at a store.

    Bambino has great customer service and you get what you order, if its on back order, they'll let you know.

    ABU will just keep your money and forget about you.

    Bambino is probably the best diaper you can find. Some say Dry 24/7 but I haven't tried them because they cost an arm and a leg to buy.

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