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Thread: what are the best store brand adult diapers?

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    Default what are the best store brand adult diapers?

    yea i just wanted to know what the best diapers you can buy at a store were. iv tried depends briefs(dont like them) and prevail.

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    All store brands are about the same, the only way store brands work decently is if you add a little extra to them, next time try your depends (at least they still have a plastic cover) get a pack of Tena Male Guards, poke or slit the plastic backing on the guard and place it in the diaper position it further forward, so when you sit you don't squeeze it.

    This should get more hours out of it, don't add more than one, I tried that it just doesn't work, good luck.

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    If you do try Depends again, make sure they're the Fitted Maximum Protection. It's the best they've got which isn't saying all that much but it's going to be better than the rest of their line. If you don't mind cloth covers, Tena Super Plus aren't bad, although they're not common. I found Molicare Super Plus at the same pharmacy as the Tenas, so they are out there somewhere. Obviously those would be preferable to what you would typically find but you'd probably need to concentrate on medical supply type stores rather than a chain drugstore.

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    I would say the Walgreens brand.

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    I like the CVS, or Giant Eagle, they are the same thing, just different packaging.

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    Tena has been the best regular retail item that I've found...

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    I'd have to go with Walgreen's when it comes to price and quality.

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    I wasn't aware that Walgreens and CVS had their own brand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebine View Post
    I wasn't aware that Walgreens and CVS had their own brand...
    Yeah, they do have their own. At Walgreens you can get a pack of 40 for $20 or a pack of 20 for $10.

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