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Thread: I've left this off too long!

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    Default I've left this off too long!

    Well I've been tagged with being a probable lurker, so in order to remove the restrictions I am
    instructed to provide an introduction.

    Lets see:
    Nik is JayN1985/ Jay DavidsoN, but really true but close enough for the internet
    age 25 (February of '85 - makes me an Aquarius = of course)

    College edumacted (took 5 years to get BS - probably could have found it sooner on a farm)

    Currently receiving a Gov'mint handout, living in Gov'mint subsidized housing, and
    eating Gov'mint subsidized vittles (but not every meal) at a low copay price.

    Got Gov'ment health care even before Obamacare was put together - come to think
    of it had it almost my whole life, except when it was contracted out - Tricare is wonderful!

    I am the third generation in my direct family to be taken care of by the Gov'mint, you could
    say we've made a career of it. Recently found out my GrandDad, Dad, and I shared time on the same worksite and there is nearly forty years between GrandDad and me, provided I keep swappng worsites I'll probably have more time in other worksites that he and Dad also shared!

    Currently live in the Southern USA not too far that big spewing mess in the Gulf, done an overflight of it, Oh God what have we done! (looked worse than my bed on those rare times the 'rents took the misguided approach that protecting the "enviroment" was not necessary and maybe if he had to wallow in it he'd get up at night - yah sure!) That said I've lived all over the US and some of it's territories following my folks round - always was a bit of a Brat!

    I am NOT an AB, too old to be a TB (anymore), really can't call myself a DL (though the right ones when worn warm do have a fascination). I am one of those rare birds, the Docs less then 1 in 100 an Adult Bedwetter. Through the marvels of modern science (and going to school at a Uni
    with a noted Medical school) I now know why - small bladder, low functional capacity, low vasopressin output, and high artificial replacement (DDAVP) side effects rate (I can use it but sometimes the "cure" isn't worth the cost!) The Gov'mint will pay for the "drug" of choce but we've worked it out so it's only needed when overseas and a bare-bones situation, thank God I don't have to face what my Dad and GrandDad did - weekly vacations with a whole bunch of other guys all wearing the same type of workwear, sleeping in close quarters, and traveling in a crew cab sixpack all in a confined area. they averaged a weeks "vacation" a month.

    Been involved in the scene almost 13 years after Dad let me have mostly unrestricted acess to a
    computer at 12 (dialup anyone?) I tend not to contriibute much (yeah I'm a Lurker) due to worries that annonimty on the Internet is only a google away.

    Hope I left enough clues, be willing to talk about most of them.


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