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Thread: Guess i should make one of these

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    Default Guess i should make one of these

    I'm an average college student. I like to play most pickup sports especially football(soccer). I am a DL who is slowly exploring my feelings in more depth.

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    Hi newDl, Welcome to ADISC. With exploration, comes discovery. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here.

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    Welcome to the forums!
    I used to play soccer, wasn't any good at it. I'd probably be better now seeing as I couldn't ran a single mile back then but, I like track way more. So what are you going to college to become?
    Not putting you down or anything but, you might want to look into getting a name change. Right now NewDl works but once you're no longer a newbie, assuming you plan on staying, it may seem kinda strange having a name like that.

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