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Thread: Your first time finding an ab/dl website?

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    Default Your first time finding an ab/dl website?

    Of course people are just thrilled when they get their first pack of diapers. We read plenty stories about here's something a bit different. We all remember the first time when we found out we weren't the only ones that thought about diapers on a daily basis, looking at ads in the newspaper or mail inserts. Trying to look at diaper ads on TV while trying not to seem obvious about being interested in diapers.

    Describe your first time knowing you weren't alone.

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    Actually it was this one, yay~

    I made an account, then it turns out I forgot I had an account when I tried to make one like, 5 months after.

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    I started looking at places selling adult diapers in the late 90's. I did find deeker but his page was creapy. That was the reason I was kind of a loner and just stayed away from all websites for ab-dl's. This site I realy like. Thanks MOO!!

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    It was adult baby was a pay site and what not.... wierd place to star I know. The first community was A guild on gaia.

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    I was around 13 and I had been into diapers since I can remember, and I was first turning the leaf over on sexuality and experiencing new feelings, and now I was feeling a different kind of craving for diapers. I used google and found a site run by a woman who offers catering to people with diaper fetishes, kind of like a whore except for a mommy/baby relationship instead of sex, and that's when I realized I wasn't alone, but at 13 it also kind of creeped me out quite a bit. I found a bunch of other communities that kind of intrigued me but the sites themselves gave off a creepy vibe until I found this one, which was when instead of feeling like I was just associated with creeps, I found a bunch of other teens my age here and stuff and that was really great to talk to, although I don't even remember their names because I stopped coming to this site for a few years and I don't really know the people here these days. I still remember the times though, even if it was just on a forum, it was good to know there were other people like me.

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    A decade or so ago... DPF first I think but the old Wetvile fourm was the best, almost like here but in the dark ages of 386s and 24k dial-up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    A decade or so ago... DPF first I think but the old Wetvile fourm was the best, almost like here but in the dark ages of 386s and 24k dial-up.
    Haha, I remember those days of dreaded dial up, but it didn't slow me down for anything lol.

    I think I was about 12-14 years old I'd have to say that my discovery of DPF was my first website I visited. I was in the TB section of the forum usually reading more than anything.
    I hadn't posted much because I was scared of being discovered lol. Then eventually I came to the conclusion that if someone spotted me on this website, what were they doing here themselves. I started opening up a little more, mostly with this forum because most people here are mature, and not creepy. I had to say I often visited Deeker's website back in the day, mostly for the links to other places. Also DPF had a huge link collection and then I started finding pictures that progressed my fetish lol. At first the Deeker stories weren't so creepy, before the days of his "sightings" so called, they were all a little bit creepy reading some of those. It just filled up with pedophile users and Deeker never did anything about those creepy stories, so I ran away from that site.

    The moment when finding you're not actually alone in this what we now know as a fetish to some of us, and had some material to read to learn more about ourselves. Brought tons of relief knowing I'm not the only freak lol.

    When I was about 8 years old, my mother would clean her boss's house, and he had a bed ridden wife. He kept a stack of adult diapers in the living room on a coffee table, and when my mom wasn't around I would hurry and touch them and make them crinkle, smell them. I so desperately wanted to take one, but I never did. The first time I had seen those diapers were the first time that I knew that they had something other than baby diapers. Then ever since I always ran alone to try to find the adult diapers and look at them.

    I have tons of diaper memories but I'll save it for other times lol.

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    The fist page i found was Deeker :l, finding that only made me feel worse about my feelings. though i was sick in the head, and kind've stayed away from it... then i found this and that helped in me coming to accept myself

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    I'd have to agree with you snaps, I felt the same way as you, coming to this site has been keeping my mind clear of guilt, it makes me wish I found ADISC a lot sooner than I did.

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    It isn't considered as an *B/DL site, but the first page I visited was Wikipedia, on the *AB/DL topic (duh). After that, I think it was a blog from a transgendered DL whose name I wont mention- it really got me scared.

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