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    So I'm going to get some baby supplies soon and was wondering what's everyone's favourite bottle? Haven't been out baby stuff shopping in a while, so suggestions are much appreciated! I've only tried the Gerber ones and I can barely remember what I thought about them at the time.

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    I like a lot of different bottles, but this has to be one of my favorites. Gerber NUK Orthodontic 10-oz. Bottles - 3-pk.:…

    Make sure to buy the size 2 fast flow nipples to go with it though.

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    Each of us has our own idea about nursing bottles for Adult Babies.

    Since I started using AB to cope with my incontinence I have preferred EvenFlo bottles. At one time EvenFlo made their Angled Nursers, which were clear plastic. Those were discontinued, as were many of the older plastic baby bottles. I consider myself fortunate that I bought a lot of the Angled Nursers. With care they last forever.

    Given you are larger than an infant, I do suggest finding baby bottles that ventilate, be that angled or a double design.

    Selection of the nipple is maybe more important than the bottle itself. I cannot use latex, so I must have clear silicone nipples. Those do not come in adult sizes, but I like 6+ month size orthodontic. I still have some original PUR nipples that went out of production in 1996. Those are somewhat stiffer than the current fashion for nursing nipples. I also love the Munchkin Tri-Flow clear silicone nipples. Those allow adjustment of flow while in use. Unfortunately they are difficult to find. The good news is you can increase the flow of nipples, but you cannot reduce the flow. Generally AB want a larger flow than would be used by an infant. Apple juice works with a tiny hole, while orange juice needs a bigger hole.

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    Cheap from carrefour, works good, however is long time out of order, but always ready.

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    I like the NUK 10 oz. bottles that Powder hair mentioned.

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