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Thread: How did you find out you were...?

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    Default How did you find out you were...?

    How did you find out you where a furry?

    I didn't exactly find out. As a kid, I walways wanted to be Tails "Miles" Prower/Police dog/Tanuki. I might think this was my first furry expereince, or might have contributed to the fact that I'm now a babyfur.

    Experiences, anyone?

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    Hm, for me, I've had an interest for the longest time but I wasn't entirely sure of what it was about being furry that appealed to me. It starting innocently enough as just looking at pics, that lead to reading stories online, that brought me to start writing some of my own. Bing bang boom I do a little research for said self writing and well, here I am.

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    I trolled, I liked it. 'Nuff said.

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    talking animals are awesome, I loved them ever since I can remember.

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    I always had a thing for the Disney animation & always loved to see mascots. Then one day surfing the web for a picture of star fox I found furry. Never looked back

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    Grew up watching large amounts of Disney flicks. Deepest childhood influences for me sonic the hedgehog, rescuers down under and the secret of nimh. I am still working out an actual fursuna but the connection is there.

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    When I was a kid I always fantasized about being an animal and always loved to pretend to be them, particularly dress up like them. I've always wanted a fursuit as well.

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    When compared to THAT WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED furry was the lesser of two evils :P

    And some Freudian stuff probably.

    Also what Gaasha said.

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    i always loved talking animals on cartoons and loved wolves been my fav animal forever dont remeber my first time i came in contact with "furry" but shortly ater that i had my fursona

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    I really can't pinpoint the moment but once I started getting connected to this great community and others in the fur community that's when I knew without a doubt but of course the seeds of this were probably laid far far far beforehand.

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