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Thread: diaper outfit

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    Default diaper outfit

    I dont know if its posted but what is your favorite diaper outfit. I like just a diaper and a t-shirt
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    i wouldnt say its my fave, but a diaper, tshirt and my gym shorts from highschool (or any basket ball shorts) are what i usually wear to bed... however now that its summer and hot as hell in my house sometimes i go without the shorts once im in bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babykumar View Post
    I like just a diaper and a t-shirt
    Same her. bath some time i have the onesize on.

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    Yea me and my GF love it when im just in a diaper and a t-shirt.

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    Diaper and onesie, sometimes a t-shirt will do here

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    Usually, I tend to wear basketball shorts over my diaper, or just a t-shirt and the diaper, my favorite outfit to wear that is not casual is tight football pants over my diaper, that gets me going =P sorry for being dirty

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    yea t-shirt and padding is awsome, but needs long white socks pulled up aswell.

    I also like padding, demin shorts and a belt:

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    I'm partial to T-shirt diaepr and socks :<

    Or Daiper and sleeper and teddy :3

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