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    Default Straight Edge

    I am just wondering if I am the only SE AB/DL?

    For any who may not know, Straight Edge is a philosophy started in the 80s out of the Punk music subculture. It is a movement of leading a drug/alcohol free lifestyle.

    I am SE, and though I have never drank, smoked, or used drugs, I have been SE for three years.

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    I hate sXe, if only for the fact that all two people I know who are a part of it never shut up about how much better they are because of it.

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    I've got straight edge! (no I don't... I just post music links for people's enjoyment...)
    YouTube - Minor Threat - Straight Edge

    I am also not your stepping stone....
    YouTube - Minor Threat - Steppin' Stone

    You're not veggie too are you?

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    Well, I'm not really 'straight edge,' but I have never smoked, and haven't ever experimented with non-prescribed drugs. I would say I haven't drank before, but I did have one 6 oz beer last year . So, yeah, I guess, if that was the only requirement for being straight edge, I would be that. Those just aren't things that interest me.

    I think what you'll find, if you stick around in the community a bit more, you will probably notice there are plenty of people on here who don't drink or do drugs. Every person is different, and for many of us, this regression stuff is one way in which we cope, rather than using drugs. With so many people in the world, and such a variety of people being ABDL, I wouldn't suspect you're likely to be the only ABDL *anything*. Just a thought.

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    Would drugs like Tylenol and prescription meds count?

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    Well, I haven't heard of Straight Edge before, so I obviously don't identify as such. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs but there is really no profound philosophical reasons why: I think alcohol tastes gross (and its both too expensive and too calorie filled for me to bother getting used to the taste), I have no interest in being high and my grandfather died from a smoking-related lung disorder. So I am "Straight Edge", but not due to adhering to any kind of movement.

    Well, actually, does caffeine count as a drug? 'cos I do plenty of that one ^^'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riddle View Post
    You're not veggie too are you?
    I am also a vegetarian.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kratos View Post
    Would drugs like Tylenol and prescription meds count?
    I do not speak for all who follow SE, I can only speak for me. I try to refrain from taking any drugs of any kind as much as possible. I was diagnosed with a few mental health disorders for which meds where/are prescribed. I do not take them. I am determined to cope without them. That being said, if my life were dependent upon taking meds as ordered by a doctor, I would do as the doctor intrsucts.

    Quote Originally Posted by GaashaHuzzah View Post
    I hate sXe, if only for the fact that all two people I know who are a part of it never shut up about how much better they are because of it.
    Ouch. All philosophies have their fanatics. Straight Edge is no different. I however am not one of those people. I lead by example, and conduct myself as the change I wish to see in the world.

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    I've never heard of Straight Edge before but I can't really say that I identify with it. I don't smoke or do drugs but that's mainly because I care about my health and the thought of getting high doesn't really appeal to me. The reason I don't identify with it is because I drink a lot. I'm not an alcoholic but I do drink beer fairly often so I can't really consider myself Straight Edge.

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    I don't drink obviously, because I'm 14, but when i turn 21, i have absolutely no intention of getting drunk. I just don't see the appeal in it. I will have a glass of wine or maybe a beer once in awhile, but thats pretty much it.

    EDIT: oh, and i will NEVER do drugs or smoke or w/e, i just think it's disguisting.

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    I'm not Straight Edge but if anyone wants to follow that go for it. I'm just really hating how WWE is potraying it right now with CM Punk acting like Jesus.

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