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    Greeting citizens!

    My name is BritishABwritier, but you can call me Eddie. I live in England, and as you can guess by my username, I am something of a writer.

    But anyway to business: I must say I've been curious to the AB lifestyle for a few years now, knowing vaguely what it is but never going into any depth. So I though 'Sod it' and joined a forum, and here I am. I'm mainly an observer though, I doubt I could ever get away with wearing nappies other than for funsies. But hey, that might change in due course. Chance are I'll probably join a RP at some point, although as a fun uncle or older bother than anything else. I'm hoping use infantilism as a basis for a story, another reason I'm here. I also wanted to find out more about the AB lifestyle here in Great Britain. So if there are any British ABs out there, get in touch

    Regards, Eddie

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    Welcome, Eddie! Why don't you tell us a little more about yourself? Many of our members spent most of their time here discussing politics, rock and roll, sports, hobbies, just about everything. So, what do you like to do with your time? What sort of stories do you write? Do you like to play sports, or build model airplanes, read books?

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    Thanks for the words dcviper

    Well for starters my hobbies include art, mainly relating to steam locomotives and machinery, some steampunkery as well as the occasional fan art. I do this as well as write short stories about things I'm interested in, although I mainly do ones about science-fcition and fantasy more than anything else. My favourite authors include Bernard Cornwell, Terry Prachett, Stan Nicholls, Stuart Hill and Dan Abnett. I used to be into Warhammer but I'm hoping to get back into it now that I'm working. And as for music, I do mainly metal, bands such as Sabaton, Alestorm, Dragonforce, Alestorm, SAXON, Quiet Riot, Queen and many more.

    Any other metal heads around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BritishABWriter View Post
    My friend will not shut the hell up about them.

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    Well I will say now your friend has brilliant taste XD. There needs to be more pirates in metal.

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