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Thread: Hey, This place is cool.

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    Red face Hey, This place is cool.

    Man I am glad too see that I am not the only one with this compulsion. I have always kept this to myself. Never wanted my folkes to freak. Though my mom has known I have had diapers in my room sometimes starting at age 8. (stealing them from church nursery)Lord forgive me. I'd feel better if you tell me some reassuring things, so that I can feel better about this thing. (deep breath)

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    You can calm down with this realization, you are not crazy. It is very reassuring to learn for the first time that you are not alone. There is a growing global online culture that shares this same desire. Be sure to check out the wiki tab at the top of the page here to better understand your interests. It does suck to live with a very taboo desire but this website is here to help you cope with it and better understand it. Feel free to jump in to any other discussion when you are ready. Congratulations on finding this place.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Many of the members here spend more time talking about unrelated interests and activities, why don't you tell us about what you do outside of diapers? Do you like to play sports? Build model cars?

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    Well to sum up my life, my religous large family consists of two boys two girls one which is me, two parents still together. Five aunts three uncles, one cat four fish and a active life. My activities are ADD-HD as my diagnosis was as a kid, jumping from one thing to another. I love things that are mechanical and make interesting sounds. Hobbies have been Rc cars(Rc-10gt, Thundertiger EB-4), motorcycles, atvs and the unusual things. I have called my self a Jack of all trades, master of nothing.
    I am just about as normal as can be. I have a good job, great family. And a clueless girlfriend. I have no intentions on telling her. Unless she finds my stash of baby things. I could be your best friend and you not know.

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