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Thread: Very busy, not a lurker!

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    Default Very busy, not a lurker!

    It's worth the time to introduce myself.

    My friends are probably the most important part of my life, ranging from 18 to 84 years old. They are as diverse as their ages, and make living much more enjoyable. I will be 34 in July, and hope I return as much mentoring, and friendship as I've received. (I also hope I live to at least 84, lol.)

    I work in the computer/ gaming industry. I have a love for electronics, and science in general.
    My likes regarding music are everything from country, even bluegrass, heavy metal, rap, to classical. I listen to quite a bit of classic rock, also, but I hate hearing the same song 3 times a day.
    My food tastes are similar. Let's try the new restaraunt! Ethnic cusines are a plus. Cooking is fun, when I have the time.

    Other inerests include travel, mostly domestic, horseback riding, and even skydiving. Fishing in the bay near South Padre Island, Texas was fun, and disappointing at the same time. The weather did not permit deep sea fishing, which is on my list!

    Straight, bi, gay really doesn't explain much. It's the person you're with, however gay would best describe my current lifestyle. The majority of my friends are straight, just like any cross section of society would be. They are supportive of me, as I am of them, and that's why we're friends.
    Most of my friends know about my DL side, and some have met my AB/DL friends, and are totally ok with it, and encourage us to be happy!

    There is a boy, 19, who I have adopted, (not via the courts), but have made a total commitment to. He calls me dad, not daddy. This relationship is not sexual, it's about being there for him. And he returns the love, as a son. He's aware of my DL interest, and has an occassional desire as well, but is primarily straight. The best aspects are that he can be himself, and experience a wonderful life.

    While I am into role playing, it is not the only interest I have, especially when meeting other people.
    As you can see, my biggest excuse is time, but I will try to respond to all who message me. Just be patient, I will return messages.

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    Welcome to the forums! It does suck not getting enough time to visit here. I struggle too to find the time to get on in private. It's even harder when you don't have a reliable internet connection to call your own

    I live in Corpus Christi! I love to fish too but I never get the opportunity to do it that often either. It's pretty boring to live down here with only 1 major shopping area. Not much variety in cuisine here either besides Mexican restaurants. Still I do love coming back to the Gulf when I'm not in school. You sound like you have it pretty good getting to travel and just enjoy life. I hope to find myself in a situation like that too in much future. The weather is nice and hot right now! You might want to double check that our nations oil problem hasn't yet killed your potential deep sea fishing spots. I don't think its quite in the gulf but I'm not really up to date with that stuff.

    Feel free to jump into any discussion around here when you can.

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