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Thread: Why I LIKE less absorbent diapers

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    Default Why I LIKE less absorbent diapers

    You know, it seems like nearly everyone loves a nice, thick diaper that could absorb a swimming pool and still have room for more. But I have to say, I've been around the block a few times and I'm just not digging the ultra-super-mega-absorbency of some of the diapers out there. I kind of like changing after two wettings and not feeling like I'm wasting a diaper, and sitting around in the same wet diaper for 8-10 hours just doesn't sound all that appealing. So I kind of like diapers like Depends that are thin and don't hold a terrible lot. IDK, maybe I'm just weird. Anyone else feel the same?

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    I don't like the concept of sitting around in a diaper for hours until 'mommy' comes and changes me.

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    I don't feel that thinner diapers like Depends offer enough protection for my needs
    I'm a heavy wetter and tend to flood my diapers plus i feel more secure in a bulky diaper, but that's my openion.

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    I too prefer the confort of a thin, absorbant diaper. Like the Tena Ultra. Good enough to be flooded a good 2 times, yet still thin enought to wear everyday outside and be confortable walking normally. The thicker diapers are reserved for nightime or special occasions where I won't be going anywhere.

    I'm now diapered close to 24/7 except for work and at the gym. Changing often is the key to prevent skin degradation.

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    I am a heavy wetter so I use thick diapers but when I am out and about public I where thin diapers or pullup style diapers however they tend to leak on me so I end up changing pretty often to avoid leaks.

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    I think for those of us who don't have 12 hours to sit in a diaper, use it and then change it uninterrupted less absorbent diapers are preferable. Have always wanted to try a really bulky diaper though.

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    I totally agree....
    also the bulkier diapers cost if you don't use them to their fullest you are essentially wasting money
    keeping some thinner diapers around helps me not blow tonnes of cash on diapers that i wet twice and then threw out cause i had to take them off.
    however there is such a thing as too thin....while you may save money on each diaper....having leaks and having to do extra laundry or cleaning because they aren't thick enough can eat up some of these savings make sure to keep changing often :p

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    I will agree that I hate the feeling of wasting a diaper, especially when they do cost more. However, I also love the feeling of a thick diaper.

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    I definitely agree with the "not wanting to waste it" feeling. Premium diapers are expensive. You may as well get your monies worth out of them.

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    I'm a heavy wetter, and the problem is when I start to wet, I can't really stop the flow. It's like an ON switch that doesn't easily shut off so I have to wear thick for the most part. I like wearing thinner, less absorbent diapers when I have my control over my bodily functions. I also agree that the Tena Ultras are good.

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