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    Cool My intro

    I am new here so let me tell you a little about myself. I wear diapers 24/7 and have done so by choice all of my adult life. I first became attracted to diapers when I was eleven years old. I was extremely shy, was still wetting my bed, had few friends and in general didn't fit in at school. I wasn't into sports or athletic as most kids were at the private school I attended. To say the school or the nuns that taught there were strict would be an understatement.

    Back then you went to the restroom with the entire class at specific times of the day. Pity be upon you if you just happened to need to pee at any other time as you would first be ignored, reprimanded,(made an example of) in front of your peers or lectured for interrupting class. I found the whole atmosphere there oppressive to say the least. Needless to say I sat there quietly more times than not wetting my pants and hoping no one would be the wiser. Unfortunately I was caught on two occasions and humiliated in front of the class and promptly paddled.

    To combat this from ever happening again I resorted to buying Gerber brand vinyl baby pants at a grocery store on the way home from school one day. I would put on several pairs of underwear and then pull on the vinyl pants and go off to school. The first time I wet my pants I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn't leak and no one would ever find out my secret from then on.

    I believe it was the summer of my eleventh year that I graduated from underwear to cloth diapers that I bought at a local variety store in my neighborhood with my allowance. From the time I pinned on my first diaper and covered them with those vinyl pants, I felt so safe and secure for the first time. Now when I look back at those days, I marvel at the fact that I was able to keep all of this a secret from my Mom and brothers and sisters for years. It wasn't until I tole them a few years ago that they first learned of this.

    Although I would wear diapers to school to prevent accidents I in no way wore them full time. I was however hooked on them and continued to purchase many more pairs of baby pants throughout the years. High school I tried to out grow them and it worked until my junior year when all of those feelings came back and I was again wearing diapers whenever I could. Like many with a diaper fetish, I both embraced and dreaded being attracted to diapers, after all I was the only one that had these desires.

    I discovered I was not the only one with this fetish when I discovered Penthouse Variations magazine. There was a letter in there of a guy wearing diapers. In that instant I knew I was not alone. Once I was out on my own I bought tons of diapers and supplies and the rest as they say is history.

    I met and fell in love with my wife who accepted who I am from the get go including my diapered life style. We married in 1978 and a re still married to this day and I am still wearing diapers.

    I am self employed in the construction business. We raised three great kids and I know I am blessed with a great life. I love to fish and travel most weekends to Northern Wisconsin to our lake home for that purpose during the warm months here in the frozen tundra. Go Packers! I enjoy meeting people and making friends. I am out going and have a great sense of humor. Life is good!

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    This is a terrific introduction post.

    Welcome to ADISC.

    Yeah, needing to use the restroom during class was a drag with me too. What made matters worse, in high school, my teachers would ask me, "Why?" as if I'm either going to ditch class, smoke under the bleachers and do something "crazy." It was a pain, but I'm glad you were able to handle everything and overcome it. It seems like you figured it out naturally without having too many problems as you got older. As long as the kids and wife are okay with it, right?

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    Wow, great introduction. And that must've sucked. That is why I prefer my school. All the teachers don't care if you need to go. You say, "Can I go to the restroom". They say, "Sure". Heck, in some of my classes you don't need to ask, and all you have to do is put a leave time, re-enter time, and your name.

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