View Poll Results: What Do You Like About Diapers

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  • Their appearance

    62 66.67%
  • The feel of them

    85 91.40%
  • For the thrill of it

    46 49.46%
  • The fact that they're babyish

    46 49.46%
  • Other (please specify below)

    26 27.96%
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Thread: What Is It About Diapers That You Like?

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    Default What Is It About Diapers That You Like?

    Just curious to see what people find attractive in a diaper.

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    The sound, texcture & all-round appearence.

    They excite all my senses, excluding taste, as that would be abnormal.

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    mmm the smaell of baby diapers like luvs or pampers1 mmmm looove it!! that and classic baby powder are in the top 5 best smells on earth omho
    also, i like the secure feeling i get when i wear- i know that i was enuretic/encopretic as a youth, and fear of 'accidents' was ever-present,which probably makes me feel safe that it wont happen or something, i dont know.

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    Oh, and I just realized there were some other things I wanted to add, but I can't figure out how to edit polls.

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    I like everything, including the crinkle.

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    Footed P.J.


    As a DL, but not wearer, I have no. freakin'. clue. But I love 'em. I like the outer texture. A sometimes like graphics. But why?! Not sure. Why do I like girls in masks? Or girls in footed P.J.s? It's all a mystery. Sometimes I wish I knew the answer, sometimes I like the mystery of it all.

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    Crinkle, Smell, Wearing them is what I like most.

    Iono, there great, this is harder poll than it looks.

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    sound, texture, look, freaking out because i hear someone walking through the house when im trying to tape one on...XD


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    I said cause they're baby-ish. I wouldn't care for them otherwise, I think..

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