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    Hello my name is Randy and I am totally disabled and have total loss of bowel and bladder control with no feeling of going or after going. This was all due to severe work injury and over the years I have had 12 back and 4 neck and 2 stomach operations. I have major nerve damage and limited range of motion. I am confined to bed 80% of the time and a special electric wheel chair the rest.

    I wear diapers and plastic pants 24/7 as well as special cloths for for ease of dress and diaper changes. I have a care giver who helps me with daily living tasks as well as all my personal needs such as bathing, diaper changes, dressing, feeding, etc. It was very hard for me to adjust to not doing for myself and dealing with wearing diapers and being fed and taken care of etc. It took me a few years of therapy to help me deal with everything and with all the operation I had to go through.

    I finally am dealing with everything now and it feels natural now. As I am unable to do it myself alone I have learned to accept my fate and move on with other things. I even accept the fact that I have to use a adult sized baby bottle and feeder with special large nipples and a adult sized pacifier. Due to the injuries and nerve damage I need these to drink and eat and for therapy. I also have to drink soy baby formula and baby food along with processed food to a mushy state so I can eat and digest it.

    I love to read and watch movies and tv and play on computer as I can't do to much more than that. The reason I use the name babyrandy is that since I am wearing diapers 24/7 and have to use a baby bottle, feeder, and pacifier. Eat baby food and drink formula and being totally taken care of I feel like a baby which used to bother me but now I can deal with it. well this is about it. Hello everyone in this group.

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    Hi, Randy. Welcome to ADISC. I'm glad you've been able to accept your situation. What kinds of things do you like to read?

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    welcome to ADISC. Sad story you have. Bat good you have accept you situation Thats very good.

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    it took a long time and therapy for me to adjust to every thing but i have come to terms. but it was sure a hard road for me to go down.

    i like to read mostly fantasy books and the harry potter series books as well as other books about wizards and magic
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