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    Alright, well just today I have been noticing that when ever I start up my 1995 Buick Lesabre my rear window defroster engages and I cannot shut it off. Why might this be happening? How is it that when I start up the engine the rear window defroster engages?

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    could be the switch or relay, assuming no-one has messed about with the wiring. high-drain equipment tend to be on the ignition switch as, with the engine running, you shouldn't flatten your battery. you could pull the fuse for now, to save your battery (it's usually a separate fuse, about 30 amps, but it could be different in the US).

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    It is more than likely the switch itself sticking in the on position, that is a timed switch it only runs for a certain period of time and then shuts down so it don't melt the grid on the rear glass.

    You can pull the fuse or if you can get at the back of the switch with ease just unplug it.

    It won't really kill the battery because it is a ignition (on) accessory, but if you use it in the winter unplug it now because constant use will burn out the grid.

    Check your owners manual and see if there is a relay, ( and just pull it out) it might be in the inside or the outside (under the hood) fuse box.

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