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Thread: Christian & Diapers

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    Question Christian & Diapers

    I am a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord&Savior,i am also a fetishist,diapers,plastic pants,i struggle with my christian faith,i try to be a good christian,can i be both,a good christian,and,a adult DL?

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    If there seems to be some quote in the bible that would make diapers a sin, fear not, as you surely need only flip a few pages to find another line that says the complete reverse.

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    Just to note, this forum may not be the best place to post this. There are many people on this site that are very strongly against any kind of theistic religion. Personally, I'm happy to know people with opposing beliefs, but to each, their own.

    Anyway, I think being Christian and having a fetish are compatible. It's like someone else prefering thongs or pink underwear or large women, or muscular men, or brown hair. It's something you just find appealing. I believe the two can be compatible. At least, that's my view on my Christianity and DL-ism.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have read the Bible front-to-back. There is some indirect mention of masturbation being sinful. But there is nothing about age play, diapers, or any other fetish being mentioned. I think you are fine.

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    Do you know what a sin of the flesh is? Or what happened to Onan for spilling his seed? AB, possibly compatible but it's a stretch with s'posed to be putting away childish things, but DL no. It's fairly incompatible.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Oops... Forgot about that. When I think of "DL" I usually think "likes wearing diapers". I often forget that about the masterbation aspect.

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    Well, as long as you technically don't spill said seed, you should be fine!

    No, seriously, I'm a practicing Catholic, and I find that it works out fine together. The only real potential problem is if you let diapers get in the way of worship or else doing what is called for by God. THEN it becomes sinful in nature.

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    A lot depends on interpretation and how strictly you adhere to the Bible. Many Christians/churches have a tendency to focus less on precise words and more on big-picture concepts (like the forgiveness of sins, the Golden Rule, and God's love). Others take the Bible literally, except for parables and allegorical/metaphorical passages. There's nothing explicit about ab/dl in the Bible (Paul's words to "no longer be children" are referring to spiritual maturity, not ageplay), but more than one passage could be interpreted as condeming ab/dl activities indirectly. For example, if you consider ab/dl activities or masturbation in general to be pervered, the Bible speaks against "sexual perversions."

    I find that people aren't hostile about religion unless provoked. If you simply state your faith you're generally going to be respected (the big exception would be if your beliefs are perceived as intolerant). If you argue for your faith intelligently and fairly you'll probably still in the clear. However if you attack others' beliefs you're going to get some angry responses and maybe set off a minor flame war (the mods are good at preventing that, though).

    ADISC is here for just these kinds of questions. I hope my response helped you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renee863 View Post
    can i be both,a good christian,and,a adult DL?
    well, jesus had his devil; so, being bedevilled can make one a better christian, if one faces up to it and puts it in it's place.

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    I for one, as someone who used to be Christian, argue that *B/DL activities and tendencies aren't against the rules of religion. Again, as some have said, spilling your seed is the bad part. Even if it is more unique than regular turn-ons, it's not different than a man being attracted to breasts. It's simply something that is found appealing. I think that God (assuming his existence...I'm NOT saying he doesn't exist), obviously gave you the ability to have fetishes. If it were something frowned upon, the human body wouldn't be turned on be other things. The biggest problem I would see, is if you were to take the fetish too far. If it starts interfering with your personal/religious life, then you are going too far. You don't have to be padded in church, or anything of that nature. I think both can live simultaneously. Don't worry so much about it, God made you as you are. I don't think he would create you, having a desire for something sinful. That doesn't seem very fair.
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