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Thread: long time diaper lover makes his first post???

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    Default long time diaper lover makes his first post???

    Hi everybody,

    Where to start? Well I guess I could start at the begining. I guess I have always had a small drive to be wearing diapers ever since being "potty trained". I started making my own diapers out of toilet paper when I was about 8. I gradually moved up to baby diapers. When I started getting an allowance I began buying diapers rather than borrowing them. lol when GN first came out I excitedly got a sample from the website and was hooked on wearing real diapers that actually fit. I have worn a large number of diffrent kinds and currently ware abena. I am a DL and sissy but sometimes a few other varients thrown in for good measure. I most admit I have never met another DL/AB in real life but I am not much of the social type. I am hopeing to fix that. Anyway nice to finally post and intruduce myself after covertly reading all of your fine posts.

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    I am also the shy type, don't really talk to much people either. Mostly because I don't have much to say. Welcome to ADISC and I hope you enjoy your ride.

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    Did your family know you were buying diapers with your allowance? You write about it like it wasn't that big of a deal.

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    Thanks for the welcomes. My parents had no idea I was buying diapers. I was left alone a lot so a quick trip to the store was no biggie. I didn't get an allowance till I was older. I was also fortunate in that I had lots of hiding places for diapers. :-)

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