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    My wife and I are going on a road trip next month, my wife wants to go to Gallop new Mexico for an American Indian Swap meet. The issues arrises is that my wife wants to take my mother in law, normally this would not be a problem as I get along great with my motherin lwaw. The issue is that she does not know that I am incontinent ( My day time incontinence started about 8 months ago and has progressively gotten worse), it is a 13 hour drive to get back there, I cannot think of a way to do this without my mother in law finding out about my having to wear diapers, even if I use my abena xpluses that I use at night, they won't last 13 hours. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    If this is a medical condition, then I'm having trouble figuring out why telling the mother in law is a bad thing. Look at it this way - I've stuffed two quaddro pads into a bambino before, and yeah, I could keep it on for around 12 hours. But I had to wear plastic pants over it, and it was not in the least bit discreet. What I'm trying to say is, if you plan on concealing your problem by wearing one great big diaper and not changing, she is more than likely gonna notice. I know that this isn't the best option, or even what you wanted to hear, but that's how I see the situation.

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    I've been incontinent all my life long so far...
    I wear 24/7 .... and honestly not many around me know about me wearing diapers.

    I don't get it why people believe they need thick heavy diapers for day-time stuff... sure If I'm at home I put on a Tena Maxi or something like that... it's convenient. but on the go? no chance.

    I wear quality thin diapers (like Tena Slip Plus, Absorin Slip (day, blue))...
    under normal (not evil tight fitting stuff) they will NOT be visible unless you really know what to look out for and stare at my butt for a *long* time....

    Every joe and jane has to go to the toilet during a 13 hour trip at least once... take a backpack along with two spares (that should last you a whole day)... change in the public restroom-

    there's no need for you MiL to know about your inco / diapers... none at all...

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    As ericd stated she doesn't have to know unless you want her, she would probably be confused if you didn't stop for a few toilet stops and you didn't use a toilet! ( which is when you can change in a toilet stall)

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    You might be able to try a leg bag type collection device. Otherwise break the trip into sections. Where I live in Australia, everywhere is a long drive so most people stop at least every 2 hours even if it is just to walk around a little , stretch, move some muscles to avoid road fatigue. You could use this as an excuse for more frequent or prolonged rest stops so you can change.

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    Black baggy shorts or pants, baggy shirt that covers up your diaper and has enough bulk that you can't see the bulge. Don't eat asparagus before your trip and stay hydrated enought that when you wet it doesn't smell like a porta potty. Good luck with your trip, I used to live in New Mexico and those swap meets are pretty cool. I think your initial desire to wear the Abena was a good one, it is hard to find a discrete brief that can take more than one wetting when you are sitting down. I know they make briefs that are pretty absorbent and thin like ericd said but I say if you're going to wear a diaper wear a really thick absorbent one.

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    As was said above, you're going to have to stop along the way. Change in a public restroom. It's no big deal, unless you're trying to use stuffers, and diapering while standing up. A bit of practice will help with that.

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    You should be fine. Your MIL is older and will probably be the first to jump out of the car at every pit stop. Just grab your bag and go do you thing after she does. Since she won't be using the same restroom as you, she won't hear you changing. And if she does find out, it is a medical condition. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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    John, when I am around others for long times, I watch what I drink and eat. By doing this, I have been able to get my Abeina XP, Secure XP, and now my active extended wear diapers to last me anywhere from 8 to 14hrs. I take with me a special black bag that most people think is a laptop bag with me everywhere I go and the only things in this bag are, diapers, wipes, baggies, all my diaper changing needs.

    I finally broken down and have accepted that I can't let this stop me from living and I won't. If anything take a change clothes in with you during a road trip that way you can freshen up that way too.

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