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    Dose anyone have any experience with battery back up systems that is not APC? APC has gone completely down hill with both there products & there support. Not only are the SUAxxx units dying between 1-2 years of age (just out of warranty) I now have there "new" model SMTxxx dead right out of the box. We have our units networked & monitored so my question is, dose anyone know of another company out there with a good product & support?

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    You could try Liebert (UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Power Backup, Power Protection). Whilst I don't have any direct experience with them, I have seen a lot of pictures of datacentres using there equipment, and from what I gather it is rather good.

    Can't be any more help sadly as the only other UPS i've used is an APC one... still working at the minute...

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    I run Tripp-Lite UPSs and powerstrips at my house. The Isobar UPS is protecting my computer gear, and I've got a home theater one protecting that stuff.

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    for my home use i use all APC systems and have only had one fail after about 4-5 years due to a bad relay not transferring power but that was after many lightning storms. i currently have 3 now one big one with avr and 2 feeding off of it for extra run time. I work as a computer tech person at my college and we have a few different brands but mostly APC with a few liebert systems. the problems we have run across with the APC units is that the battery packs seem to go early due to a voltage control problem on the boards however otherwise they have held up well for 3-4 years with at least 2 switchover's to battery power each week.

    depending on how many times you switch over to battery power or how many surges and spikes you get will affect the life of the unit. if the warranty is coming to an end and you suspect that there may be a problem about to creep its ugly head bring it back and get a new unit which is easier said then done for larger units but easy for the smaller ones.

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    I've been using APC for a while, but CyberPower makes a pretty decent consumer grade UPS.

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    World-wide my law firm only uses APC brand UPS. At home my husband and I have several different APC units. Two of those power the satellite and cable boxes. Others power the digital recorders. Still others power our computers.

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    Uhh... I had one of those crappy ten-minute things for a while. Some dude was just gonna toss it cause the batteries were dead, so I soldered a buncha 12v batteries together. It exploded when they shorted out accidentially. >.>

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