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    My birthday is in early October, and I have wanted to visit Germany for soo long!! So i have decided that for my 21st Birthday, I am going to go for Oktoberfest!

    For those that live in Germany, and for those that have visited, what are some of the things i need to see and do while i am there? Also those that have been to Oktoberfest, any stories or info i need to know??

    P.S. No hard feelings for beating us in the soccer Germany

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    You didn't expect to win, did you?

    I've never been to the Munich Oktoberfest, but I reckon you need to be able to down a lot of beer without getting rude or unfriendly or otherwise cause trouble.

    Other than that, things you need to "see and do" depend on your interests and travel plans. Some people do the usual tourist stuff so they can come home with plenty of pictures and stories of the famous sights, while others enjoy nature and yet others prefer stuff off the beaten path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    You didn't expect to win, did you?
    We didn't expect to win, but that display was a fucking embarrassment. Even North Korea managed a respectable 2-1 to Brazil... Brazil.

    As for Oktoberfest, I've only ever celebrated once, at my local German club. So long as you can handle your piss, I can't really give out more advice.

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    Oh i can handle my alcohol as well as, if not better then most people twice my age! I know how to have a good, fun time, without being rude or getting upset. Peachy i really like to do "some" of the tourist things, but I guess i like to appreciate just the beauty of counties as well. Perhaps a quick stroll along the autobarn, at rather high speeds in some luxury sports car

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