I am a 33 year old straight male currently residing south of Tampa, FL. Been into diapers for as long as I can remember including some vivid recollections of wanting to wear diapers but also not disappointing my mother in my pre-school years.

During college & the early days of the internet, I learned that I wasn't alone, what a fetish was, and started experimenting. My desires initially were mainly of diaper wearing. This grew to using diapers which led to a period where I thought I was an AB. However, I always felt selfish desiring a partner who would treat me like a baby and I then started to fantasize about being a caregiver to a baby girl who maybe occasionally wore for fun.

Lately, my desires have taken a different turn. I find myself being more submissive these days and like the idea of a partner who would dominate me with diapers. Paddling, humiliation, babying (which I feel silly doing but get turned on by doing), even sissification (no desire to cross dress but the thought of being forced turns me on) all have played active roles in my fantasies as of late. I guess I would place myself as an open-minded, submissive DL, but could even see myself doing some role reversal.