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Thread: Ever been to a forum or ever heard of a forum with stupid rules?

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    Default Ever been to a forum or ever heard of a forum with stupid rules?

    I heard of a forum (I don't remember the name of it) and if you reply to a troll, you are banned, even if you didn't know the user was a troll.

    On Wrongplanet, if you talk about a member or mention their user name and they were banned, you get warned or reminded of the rule because one of the rules is "No discussion of banned members" and you still get warned or reminded of that rule even if you didn't know that user was banned. The problem is, some of the moderators take the rules too damn literal because of their AS and they expect you to read their minds. But now with lot of the bad ones demodded, the forum should be better.

    On Nsider2 forum you are not allowed to reply to threads that haven't been replied to in over a week or they consider it a thread bump if you do it.

    On Hikiculture, my friend who owns the forum decided no more anime avatars and anime sigs.

    So ever been to a forum that had ridiculous rules? Share them.
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    control freaks and drama sites dont last long. good riddence when they do go buhbye! only problem is all those ppl will spread around like a plage.

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    I've been to a couple sites that seem to have controlling rules but if it bothers me that much, I just leave and don't bother with it.

    Two of the sites I go to actually have a pretty complex rule system, that probably doesn't make sense to a lot of n00bs. They're sites for girls with military boyfriends though, so the rules must be in place in order to protect our soldiers privacies, it's a military code called OPSEC. Personally I think some mods blow it a little out of proportion but meh whatever.

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    Only this one

    But really only Gamefaq's.. or as I like to call it Gamefag's.

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    Yeah I've seen a few forums where the modding is taken way too far. Most are good as long as you steer clear of problems, but when one happens most mods tend to slam first and ask questions later. Heck I just got off a run-in here where I was slammed and locked down for "Duplicate accounts" when one was like a 2 year old dead account of a jerk roomate's (He introduced me to this place so I guess I have to thank him for something) but he's been gone for a while now. While I see people here and in other forums strive to provide a clean experience and such, it's still a royal pain in the ass, perhaps a PM first asking what's up? (Yes there was a reply to a thread in the admin section, but I don't exactly check there on a regular basis so had no idea it even existed)

    I hope this isn't like another forum I'm on where you're not allowed to mention or question any actions done by a mod or you're done instantly. That be the case, well see ya'll later. It ain't worth that much trouble.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I was on a Wcca forum that was pretty over-regulated. First, you had to submit a request explaining why you wanted to join the forum in the first place (then wait two weeks.) Whereas this forum has something like four levels of membership (lurker, newbie, regular, and vip), the Wicca forum I joined had well over ten levels of membership (newbie, regular, dedicant, initiate, apprentice, etc.) and also had a reputation system. Oddly enough, only moderators could assign reputation. The moderators would also reprimand members for even the most slightly controversial content (considering the important role of human sexuality in Wicca, I found this pretty odd). In the 18 months I was a member, I saw the number of active members dwindle down to less than ten. There were more moderators and administrators than regular members. The site folded last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Only this one

    But really only Gamefaq's.. or as I like to call it Gamefag's.
    LUEshi did it.

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    I remember one diaper Yahoo group and to join, you had to send two photos of yourself to the owner to be approved. I didn't know how then how to put photos of myself online.

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    the problem with wrongplanet is/was that most of the mods were 60+ year olds with authoritarian views, with no guidence, no one running the place. They made up the rules as they went, whatever they wanted the rules to be, and policed the forum however they wanted to. To bad a couple mods took to stocking and harassing members just because they could, becoming more trolls then mods.
    I am not the type of person to cause trouble, and certainly didnt do that there, but started to be harrassed by a mod constantly, simply because I didnt agree with him in one thread. I pretty much stopped posting there because of it, and might start going there regularly again if the place gets its act together

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    I have seen my posts altered from what I originally said for using a everyday word, a word that was non offensive to anyone I know.(not here)

    I thought it was stupid and petty.

    Here, I was demoted in rep points and lost my VIP status for saying near the same thing in 2 threads, someone here doesn't like the fact that I was a VIP, and it did happen on 2 occasions.(here)

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