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Thread: F-Zero or Super Mario Kart?

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    Default F-Zero or Super Mario Kart?

    Which do you think is the superior racing game and why? Mind you, I'm talking the original Super Mario Kart for SNES. I've been playing both a bit lately.

    I think in terms of game play F-Zero is pretty clearly superior. I like the fact you get the whole screen and the way the race moves. The downside of course is that it's only single player.

    On the other hand, SMK has items and things and can do 2 player mode. One thing I find kind of annoying though is that the computer doesn't play by the same rules you do.

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    I like F-Zero more on the SNES but on all the other platforms I like Mario Kart a lot more.

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    F-Zero, mostly because of the [abounding laughter and great experiences] I have had playing it with my friends. It may be because we're playing on an emulator, but we suck so much

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    That a hard one...I own both games for the SNES. In my opinion, F-Zero is a little bit better then Super Mario Kart. F-Zero did a good job showing off the "Mode 8 Graphics" on the SNES, and to me, I get a better feel on how fast Im going on F-Zero then I do on Mario Kart.
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