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Thread: Hello you international group of people!

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    Default Hello you international group of people!

    I am plannin my summer driving trip with my daughter. Current plans are to drive from here to Stockholm, then ferry to Helsinki, ferry to Tallinn (Estonia), then down through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and into Germany (Mannheim area.) Time allowing, we will go to Normandy via Luxembourg, then back up through Belgium, The Netherlands, through the corner of Germany, and into Denmark. We will then ferry back to Norway. We have about two and a half weeks and a very flexible schedule.

    Any suggestions on places we absolutely should not miss?

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    Do see Berlin and Hamburg, as you'll be passing through both. And if you're going through the "corner of Germany", visit Bremen too!

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    Czech beer. The best of the whole world. But be carefull !!! Itīs good, but strong !

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