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    I started this thread on another forum, but it didn't generate much interest. I thought it would be a good idea to help others, who are strapped for cash -- unemployed or not -- that want to buy some diapers. Here is a partial list of online sites and opportunities that can help generate some money.

    Amazon Mechanical Turk
    You must be 18+ to register.

    This service allows people to complete what are called Human Intelligence Tasks, which are small assignments with a small payout. Unlike CloudCrowd, The amount of tasks available is nearly limitless.

    Associated Content
    You must be 18+ to register.
    Associated Content allows people to submit original content and get paid through relevant advertising revenue. Pay varies depending on how many people viewing your site click on the ads and additional links.

    This site outsources small, freelance jobs to members (i.e. translating languages, correcting spelling and grammar; writing small tutorials). The pay is small per job, but if you're a frequent contributor to this service, you can generate decent amount of money.

    Demand Studios
    You must be 18+ to register.
    Like CloudCrowd, this site outsources small, freelance writing jobs. Basically, this site recruits writers to generate content and at $5.00-$15.00 USD/job, you'll make good money. However, all submitted content is reviewed by an editorial team that strictly adheres to the editorial guidelines (you need to read them before you do anything).

    Associated Content allows people to submit original content and get paid through relevant advertising revenue. Pay varies depending on how many people viewing your site click on the ads and additional links.
    This site has a frequently updated site of mostly legitimate job opportunities, but you always need to read the fine print on each listing before you apply. Many of these jobs involve getting paid for taking surveys. From time to time, the site will list freelance opportunities that you can do from home -- and those are the jobs that you want to look out for.

    Other creative ways to make money...
    This site is a surprisingly good resource for finding local jobs and work-at-home jobs. You just need to understand that anyone can post an ad on Craigslist so please read the job classifieds carefully. If you're under the age of 18, I recommend talking with your parent(s) regarding job opportunities you find. Also, local retailers tend to hire through this service because it's less hassle -- to create a post and field through e-mails -- than sites like or Yahoo! HotJobs, which mostly nationwide employers and chains use.

    Creating a Blog
    Maybe not on ADISC per se, but you can could create a blog -- using a top-level domain (i.e., that would be appealing to others (i.e. "How to Make Money Online"). If you update your blog content regularly and incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords/techniques, you can monetize your blog by placing ads on your site with services like Google AdSense, which is the most popular advertising service available. This takes commitment and dedication, but the payout is great.

    Donate Blood
    Do not give any blood to fans of the book series, Twilight. Kidding aside, donating blood can actually make you some decent money, that is if you're age 18+ and not a "high-risk" homosexual. For $100 a week, for instance, you can donate your plasma to an organization called BioLife.

    Yes, eBay. The way to make money with eBay is surprisingly simple. Let's say you go to a garage sale in your neighborhood and you buy something that is an antique, a collectible or you believe that it's valuable. You can even go through your garage and sell items you have no use for anymore. You list those items on eBay and you can make a decent profit.

    If you have any other legitimate sites that help people earn money, I will add them to the list. I will not accept referral and "offer" sites.
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    Great post! havent checked out any of the links yet, however this is a great post for alot of the people here who dont really have an income. Thumbs up!
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    What Rene said ! I think this is a great idea, and the links you provided are very helpful. In my youth, there really were not a lot of options to earn your own money, except to try and sell ' Grit ' magazine door-to-door or occasionally finding a few jobs of cutting the neighbor's lawns.

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    A couple of other sites...I can vouch for these as I've personally used them both:
    An arm of Amazon, this one is very similar to Cloud Crowd, mentioned above. They've always paid promptly.

    Associated Content -
    This one is for those who fancy themselves writers. Anyone can publish and get paid....although the base pay is low, there is additional reimbursement based on the number of hits your article recieves.
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    Let us make sure that these sites are legitimate.
    Preferably if someone can vouch for the first three like Juan did for her two?

    SO far:
    Amazon: 18+
    Assoc. Content: 18+
    Demand Studios: 18+
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    I took everyone's suggestions so far and made the appropriate additions/changes.

    Unfortunately for a long of youngsters, there aren't a lot of jobs you can do online. Now, if anyone finds some money-making opportunities for those under the age of 18, then please post those links. I'll personally review the site to see if the site is a legitimate opportunity or not.

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    One can work for Cha Cha or other similar services where you answer questions submitted mostly via cell phone. It's actually a very easy job because you mostly just reply with answers from a large answer bank for previously answered questions. Also 18+.

    Since everything else we've suggested is 18+ anyway, I'll just add that the online income source I'm heavily involved in is online poker. It takes time to learn the game well, requires a sizeable bankroll to play stakes where you make a decent hourly, requires you to be risk tolerant, and depending on your nationality may have a debatable legal status (on the flip-side, for our British, Canadian, and I think Australian members, it's not only legal but your winnings are tax free to boot), but it can pay pretty damn well if you're decent at it, and heck, any idiot who understands probability could beat the micro stakes.

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    If you want an easy way to make some extra cash, give plasma!
    I do it twice a week and you can earn up to a $100 dollars a week depending on where you live.
    You can save lives, sit on your ass, and get paid doing it! That's a win win situation.
    The process is simple and easy and only takes about an hour.

    This is not for people who faint easily, or have a fear of needles or blood.
    Also homosexuals and other individuals deemed as high risk for HIV or AIDS can't do this due to regulations.

    Here is the company I give to:
    BioLife Plasma Services
    Also here is a helpful online brochure from BioLife:
    BioLife Brochure
    Just find donation center near you and schedule an appointment.

    Must Be 18+ to donate.

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    I see some very creative suggestions. I'm going to implement those later tonight as soon as I receive more input. If this thread gets stickied, I will be asking people to put their suggestions in the same format as the list I provided in the first post.

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