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Thread: My cousin found out... Sorta

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    Default My cousin found out... Sorta

    So my cousin found some of the photos on my computer from the girls 'n' diapers site. He just told me it's not weird and even helped me hide them better. I wonder if he knows I wear though? If the drenched Goodnite didn't make it obvious, I dunno what will lol

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    From how you tell it, it seems as if he definitely knows; he probably doesn't think much of it, but I wouldn't bring it up with him again. He may well have kinks several times weirder. :P

    And try to hide your stuff better in the future: you should be glad it wasn't your parents who found your used diaper and colourful bookmarks.

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    He was cool with it, so I'd let his attitude take the lead. Like 0x000017 said, he may have some of his own kinks. If he brings it up or the conversation comes back to your now well hidden diaper pics, feel him out and see where the conversation takes you. Opening up about fetish can be touchy as it is very personal and private, but if he broaches the subject then see what he can bring out of you. I wouldn't recommend you be overly forward or forthcoming initially. Good luck!

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    Thanks guys ^^ He unfortunately has given me a LIST of fetishes. It's long lol

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    I think he has one...not just any kid happends to know what fetishes are and know them all...

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    Haha. That's great. I would ask to see the list...but I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate. =3

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    Wait, where does the drenched goodnite play in this? Did he see you in a diaper? Otherwise it sounds like it went well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiaperSoCal View Post
    Haha. That's great. I would ask to see the list...but I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate. =3
    List of paraphilias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Doesn't seem TOO inappropriate.

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    Well I was wearing tight jeans in a girl's GN that was wet fairly heavily 3-4 times to the point it was filled from the top to the back... Just seemed fairly obvious lol

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    I would have done the same for anyone who I stumbled on their porn in the PC, regardless of the content. It's a courtesy from geeks, I wouldn't read to much into the fact it was girls in diapers.

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