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    Did anyone else catch the season premier of True Blood last night?

    The show caught my attention last season with the arrival of the maenad and I'm curious as to how they are going to represent werewolves.

    If they choose to depict the vampires as round characters and show Warewolves as flat characters with no more than a bestial nature, it would most likely kill my interest in the series.

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    I just saw it and oh my god! I have waited so long for season 3 to start and you know, I agree with you if the werewolfs just looks like normal wolfs Im gonna be real dissapointed, I mean then whats the difference between them and if Sam would turn into a wolf? exept he would be alot nicer probably haha, I mean I wanted to see some old nasty monsters or something, these little wolfs should be a piece of cake for Bill!
    Its also intressting about the Queen and Eric, I wonder how they are gonna cover their tracks, I suppose they will mess it up somehow and that old vampire will find out, also how the hell is lafeyette suppose to be able to sell all that v-blood?
    Its nice to see Lafeyette going back to his old self though I must say!

    Have also soon finished listening to a audio book on Dead until Dark!

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    I watched Season 1 and 2 last year around the end of summer. I've been waiting for Season 3 forever!

    Gotta say though...terrible acting, but love the sex scenes. <3

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    Has anyone read the books?
    I know they are supposed to reveal what Sookie is toward the middle of this season, but I would like someone to spoil it for me.

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    Suki and the guy in the hotel from the 2nd tv series in Dallas are Faeries. Dont kill me if you didn't wanna know that yet. My wife read the books so I was told anyway.

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    Did anyone else think the dream scene of Sam's, between Bill and Sam was just hot? The entire time, I was chanting "Kiss him, kiss him!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DominatingMommy View Post
    Did anyone else think the dream scene of Sam's, between Bill and Sam was just hot? The entire time, I was chanting "Kiss him, kiss him!"

    Dear God NO!
    I view the sexuality as over the top anyway. Not only would it keep me from buying the seasons for not wanting something that explicit in my house, it wouldn't take much more for me to simply dismiss the whole series as softcore.

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