View Poll Results: Where do you change your diaper?

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  • In the bathroom

    25 17.12%
  • In my room

    76 52.05%
  • In another designated area

    6 4.11%
  • Where ever I am (keeping public modesty in miind)

    28 19.18%
  • I'm not wearing diapers at this point in time, so I don't know

    5 3.42%
  • Other (and please explain)

    2 1.37%
  • Change only in the most public places, then throw my used one at whoever looks at me funny

    4 2.74%
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Thread: Where do you change?

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    Question Where do you change?

    I'm just curious. Where do people on this group generally change their diapers, if they are wearing them at this moment? I personally tend to change in our basement bathroom, but I used to change in my bedroom all the time (until I had to start sharing it again).

    (This is also my first foray into posting polls, and my *real* 10th thread, lol.)

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    I usually change in my bathroom, it has locks

    but if im lucky enough to be home alone i like to change in my room :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    I try to change at home whenever possible.

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    Cool, 2 responses already

    I just added a poll now, so feel free to vote. Thanks.

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    Hmmm, usually in my room, or the bathroom if that's where I happen to be. If i'm out of the house it'll be in my car, as that's where I hide my stash anyways.

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    In our master bedroom suite at home I have an adult-size changing table that really makes pinning on gauze diapers very practical.

    Most of the time I am a responsible adult who is a profoundly urinary incontinent petite woman. The selection of disposables the correct size to fit me is limited. Although I have no control when I wet, long experience has taught me how to predict when I will need a change. The advantage of being profoundly incontinent is that my flow is in small frequent dribbles, which is ideal for effective management with disposables. I can wear slip-in disposable pads most work days.

    My personal office has my own lav with a toilet and basin. I change there when possible. I also discreetly use public ladies room stalls as needed.

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    I change in any secluded area given the nature of my work. It's even more disgusting than a dirty toilet.

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    If I'm getting changed, it's in my bedroom. If I'm doing it myself it's usually in the bathroom because I'll use my diaper in there before the change to prevent leaks in my room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf3188 View Post
    Hmmm, usually in my room, or the bathroom if that's where I happen to be. If i'm out of the house it'll be in my car, as that's where I hide my stash anyways.
    How the devil do you change in the car?

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