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Thread: Huge jump 4 me....

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    Unhappy Huge jump 4 me....

    Hey, I'm Jarred. I'm sixteen years old, I play football and basketball.. this is the first I've come out with my interests.. I really dont know what to say I'm a bit scared.. I'm really into diapers and spanking... have been since I was 12.. so... whats this site all about??

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    Hi! :3 I'm Charliebonce/CharliePup, I'm 16 too. You'll find lots of people around our age here, wih similar interests. Personally, I'm a TB/ageplayer, not a DL (diaper-lover, which is what it sounds like you are). My GF is 'into' spanking though, heh. Nuffin wrong with that :p

    It's normal to be a little nervous at first, really, but this community is one of the most welcoming and (IMHO) the least creepy of all *B/DL communities. As for what we're about, well, *anything* really...especially in the chat. Unlike other diaper/baby communities, we're more like a group of people who share a common interest. However, if you wanna talk about diapers, we have places to do that, too.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions ^.^ It's always nice to see new members, especially when they get off to such a good start (some people...kinda fail at it X3)

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    Thanks I'm about the oppisite.. I'm a DL, not really a "B" at all.. Spankings fun, people should try it

    I hear that female TBDL's are hard to come by, true story?... I'm not looking for a date or anything.. I'm just most comfortable talking to the oppisite sex

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    Hey Jred, welcome to the forums It's nice to see you've already discovered the IRC chat. Take some time to have a look around and explore some of our ADISC community groups. Most of us are pretty easy going to talk to, so don't feel shy.

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    Heh, I do plan to try being spanked (by Mama!) some day, but I suspect I'll never really be 'into' it. Personally, I really looooove <3 being a li'lun, having a Mama, being snuggled, etc.

    Hmmm I have heard that too, yeah. There seem to be a lot of male*B/DL's who'd like to meet a similarly-minded girl...but not enough girls to go around, I s'pose! :P I wish I had more girls to be friends with in the community, though. Oh well :3 x

    Heh, I often find it easier to talk to the opposite gender too, IRL and online most of my friends are/have been boys. So, if you ever wanna talk, I'm here :3

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    We have a member of North Dakota now??? YAY!!! Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site. Football and Basketball are my two favorite sports (Redskins and Spurs fan). What positions do you play for each sport?

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