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    Hello ADISC. I have joined you lovely people on this lovely evening simply because I want to know more about you. I have a very close friend on here who likes diapers, and I found his liking rather interesting. I hope that you won't shun me because I have no relationship with diapers- I simply want to learn some things, make a friend or two, kill time, and most of all- keep my identity HIDDEN. Thank you very much, ADISC!


    PS; No, I am not a bot.

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    Hey Hidden. Don't worry most here won't care or find you interesting for being on here for that reason! I am personally a furry and a DL- A.K.A. Diaper Lover. So welcome and drop me a visitor message if you want to chat! Oh and you might have seen me in the chat as Furry-Neko ^_^

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    Hello there

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. We don't bite, honest.

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    Shun you? Definitely not! We welcome those who are open minded enough to accept us. Whoever he/she may be, he/she is one lucky person. At any rate, welcome to ADISC!

    Any questions you have feel free to ask them, I'm sure at least one of us will be able to answer any questions you may have. On the note of making friends, what are some of your interest or hobbies? What about fav music, video games, books, ect? You don't have to answer if you feel it will compromise your hidden-ness...

    Ah, and killing time. One of our specialties, swing by the IRC by clicking the 'Lice Chat' button at the top there. People talk about everything in there, good place to ask questions too...

    Once again welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here!

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