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Thread: Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

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    Default Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

    So, I'm sure there are plenty of posts asking about which diaper is your favorite but what would anyone recomend for a noob?

    I haven't worn any yet, so I don't know very much about what I like... here are my suspicions:

    -I only want to do #1 to start... I'm not even sure I will like that. :\ ?
    -Maybe gets heavy/bigger (don't they all do that?)
    -Has a high waistband (again, isn't that something they all have in common?)
    -Doesn't smell (I did like the smell when I was younger, but now I want them to be discreet)
    -Relatively plain looking... I'm not REALLY into the baby thing, but I would get some excitement from the embarrassment. I guess more of a KID thing. I must've wanted pull-ups something awful.
    -Crinkle... Umm... I think no crinkle would be best =P but that might be impossible. I just know I will be really self-conscious.

    I dunno... if there are other characteristics I should consider, let me know.

    But, recommendations would be appreciated! (I would prefer online purchasing to going out to get them...)

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    The Abena product line sounds like it might be a good match for you, specifically the air-plus. I've found Abenas to be discreet, even the plastic-backed ones, but I'm sure the cloth-like air-plus' are even more discreet. If you're looking for a cheap, easy to obtain pullup, depends disposable underwear are your best bet. They're not all that absorbent or thick, but few pull ups (other than abenas) are. I'm not sure from your post if you're looking specifically for a diaper or a pullup, but if a diaper is more your interest, Tena makes a discreet, cloth-like brief. Many store brand diapers are cloth-like as well (and hence discreet), but their quality is questionable.

    Other things to consider:
    -Stand-up leg guards are a REALLY important feature, IMO, and really help to prevent leaks. Keep an eye out for them.
    -Often times, thicker diapers are meant to be used while sedentary (over the night, or for bed-ridden people) so discretion does not always go hand-in-hand with thickness. Tranquility ATNs, for example, are pretty thick, but rather noisy. Likewise, the same sort of people who want a quiet diaper generally also want a thinner, less noticeable one. You may have to compromise to get the right balance of thickness and discretion. On the other hand, if you take appropriate measures, like wearing underwear/plastic pants of your diaper, you can quiet even the noisiest diaper.

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    I am definitely interested in diapers, not pull-ups. The tape and the process of putting the diaper on is appealing. I like the idea that you can't get out quickly.

    Do the stand-up leg guards make a difference at night/laying down? (I tend to sleep on my side...)

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    I'd say the first two and last one criteria are, unfortunately, almost entirely mutually exclusive. Plastic backed diapers absorb better in general. I know, it's more of a kid thing for me too.

    I would try Dry 24/7. Expensive, but their plastic backing is quiet, and they absorb like CRAZY. My unbiased result is that they absorb probably twice the volume of Bambinos. It's mind-numbing. Which reminds me, I still have to write a review for them...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Exploration View Post
    Do the stand-up leg guards make a difference at night/laying down? (I tend to sleep on my side...)
    As I don't wet during the night, I can't say from experience. But my guess would be that yes, they would definitely help prevent leaks even when lying down.

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    Cool. Thanks, slim!

    And Danny, it looks like I might be on the cusp for Dry 24/7 sizes. I have a 31" waist. Any recommendation for small versus medium?

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