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Thread: I have a NUK 5 question

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    Default I have a NUK 5 question

    I have a NUK 5 question. I've been wanting one for a while but I have a question.
    I know the NUK 5 is the right size for an adult's mouth, but every one I've seen has a regular sized guard. Do they make a "to scale" pacifier for adults with a NUK 5 nipple and an adult sized guard so the paci looks right instead of kind of "off" because of the small guard with a large nipple.

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    well im not sure, i got on from cozy and dry thats a bit bigger than a normal shield but you see the nuk 5 is actually made for kids who have pallet problems so i dont think the likely hood of finding one with a adult shield is all that great

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    They don't, the size of the sheild is perfectly fine I think. It also makes it much easier to hide in a pocket.
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    I agree with Fire2box. The size of the shield is good as it is. The baby pacifiers are smaller than the NUK5's shield anyways.

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    The stock shield on mine comes to just under the bridge of my nose. I don't think I'd want something bigger than that.

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    I have some NUK3's and a single NUK5. The NUK5 does have a larger guard, but I have only seen it in white, while the NUK3 comes in colors.

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    The white NUK5 (unmodified) has a larger guard. Modified NUK5s use NUK3 guards, which I find too small. As for reaching just under the bridge of my nose... My NUK3 only does that if I use it upside down. My NUK5 doesn't even go that high right side up. Having gotten a proper NUK5 I wouldn't pay to have it modified. If I really wanted I could spray paint it or something, after taking proper precautions to protect the nipple, but I am fine with how it is. It's not like you can see it once it's in your mouth...

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    Thanks for all the responses. I guess your right. It really isn't a big deal that the shield is smaller, it's the nipple that counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    It's not like you can see it once it's in your mouth...
    I told you all Zep's a freaking vampire.. he can't see his own reflection in the mirror!! ::pulls out the wooden stakes and garlic::

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