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    Hey there everyone,
    Well thought I should introduce myself. So I'm a 20 year old guy, from Melbourne Australia. I'm gay (sorry ladies, lol) just so we get that out the way, but I'm pretty straight-acting. I've been into ABDL for about 5 years now. Mostly a DL, but I also have my AB side.
    Apart from ABDL, I'm a pretty average person, into music, movies, clubbing, travel (when i can afford it).

    Anyway, so I'm really just on this site to chat and maybe meet up with some other Aussies (18+, sorry I have my reasons). Ultimately I would love to have a group of people can all just hang out together...with diapers/nappies, hehe.

    Well hopefully that gives you a taste who I am. I'm on some other sites, so just look up Austeen for my pics and more info.


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    Hey Austeen

    great to see yet another Aussie here

    i am the creator of a group for aussies on here, feel free to join our group and meet some other aussies!

    the link is in my signature just below this very post!

    What kind of movies do you like to watch?


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    Thanks mate. Yeah I already joined that group. A friend told me to join it.
    I'm basically into mostly action (resident evil, underworld), then comedy (pineapple express, scary movie, blazing saddles)

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    Welcome on Adisc!

    I already know you from the other sites - and I'm sure also many others do - but I'm really glad to have you here too

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    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here and please don't take over the world with all the other Aussies we have in here!

    Oh, and you guys can all hang out tonight (or very early morning for you) in your Aussie diapers and watch your Socceroos lose against Germany!


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    Haha, I'm not staying up that late to watch it. If the Aussie's lose, well thats alright...I won't lose any sleep over it.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Austeen! Nice introduction thread by the way!

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    Welcome aboard.

    Not sure if you've gotten the vibe yet but in general, ADISC is not a dating site. We're more of the meet, greet and talk type place. There are a few couples from every age group and orientation so it does happen, but just so you know, it's not all that common.

    Any interests other than diapers? Surely they can't be your only pastime. Be interesting.


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    Yeah I did pick up on that vibe (I'm not looking for dates, just friends at the moment), and yes I do have other interests...I actually wrote that down there "...into music, movies, clubbing, travel (when i can afford it)...". Hope that is interesting enough for ya...

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    Hello austeen, Welcome to ADISC I was just wondering what type(s) of music you're into I'm into Country atm

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