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Thread: Halo3 and Xbox Live

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    Default Halo3 and Xbox Live

    I wanna Play with Somebody whom isn't a Normal person in society :P
    Hehe ok ok what I really wanted to say is
    Does anybody Have,Play,Or play on: Halo3 and Xbox live?
    If so.
    My acct there is B0bca7

    I think it would be Cool to have some AB,AndOr DL,Andor, Babyfur Friends to play with :P It just sounds fun ^.^
    Me and Kay have been playing together.. And mostly I tend to run into Kids 11 and up whom are surprisingly Good!
    and if its not that its some pothead BLEh....
    I wanna play with somebody I can relate to :P thats why I'm asking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobcat View Post
    I wanna Play with Somebody whom isn't a Normal person in society :P
    I'm your dude then. My tag is Master Mudkip and I am a bitchin' co-op player. Mediocre in online battles though, lol.

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    My tag is Granolaman. However, It is shared between my brothers, so before getting into conversation, ask, "Is this the Colonel?" I'll respond in a (poor) British accent, "At your service, good sir."

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    Fallen(nogoogletrack)mink x

    Remove (noggogletrack), I have people who look up that name and that's the last thing I want is for them to see this. >.>

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    I only have halo 1 and 2 for reg Xbox, hopefully that will change eventually. Although I played halo 2 online for the first time like a week ago, it was wild hahaha. It was me and 3 other people so we played team slayer, and sometimes capture the flag, we lost 90% of the time and all of us are at least average, 2 of my friends being close to expert I would say. Even though we were loosing so much we kept cracking up and laughing so hard because almost as soon as we would respond we would get head shots sometimes before we even saw the person! The funny part is most of the kids were like 8-12 I swear it was hilarous but sad they spent prob thousands of hours practicing. Another funny thing is a lot of them had like lisps when they talked, so to say the least it was pretty amusing and fun!

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    Sweet, so contrary to my beliefs there actually is people here that have an Xbox360 and have halo3 and play online...
    Thankies guys
    I look foward to playing with you all one day
    just if you see a person named
    on my team thats my Girlfriend.. she plays with me almost everytime I do
    Kinda cause the game and the system is hers :P she shares almost all of my interests, including AB\DL and Babyfur
    so open mindedness is allowed :P and encouraged

    Also if I have somebody by the name of
    TikoToucan in my party
    that would be my 11yr old Stepbro whom has a really high rank
    and is suprisingly Good at this game.. But careful he has a bratty attitude :/
    me and him kinda don't get along sometimes.. but most of the time we are respectful
    hes not an ABDL or babyfur..
    But I do know(From living with him for about 4yrs) that he does refrain from using the bathroom alot thus accidentally pooping his pants
    and actually tries to hide this from his parents even tho they go back and forth over the issue.. but thats between us :P

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