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Thread: Mattress protection

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    Default Mattress protection

    I have a question that does not appear to have been asked previously. Does anyone have suggestions for protecting my mattress from leaks and accidents? I have a queen size mattress and am concerned about where to find Quality coverage that is washable, discreet and stays in place.

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    A...Mattress cover? You can buy them at pretty much any store that would sell bedding I'm guessing

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    Uh, yes and no...

    All that I have seen locally is cheaply manufactured and is not available in beds larger than double.

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    ^ most likely because bed-wetting is associated with kids, so they figured they didn't need to make bigger ones?

    I'm looking into getting one of these myself. My bed has this huge yellow circle ^_^

    It's not that I have bad diapers, it's just sometimes you sleep on your side, and diapers don't really like it when you do that, they get pissed...

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    I wish I had one a few years ago. I had my wisdom tooth pulled and the place where it was pulled was still bleeding and I was still messed up from the drug they used on me was still wearing off so I was like I'll just go to sleep. I woke up with a blood soaked matress. I don't know how I lost all that blood from it but somehow it happened. I am just glad I kicked kicked my stuffed animals off the bed other wise they would be SO ruined.

    Anyways I think your just going to have to order a plastic sheet online or go for a good night time diaper such as ATN's or X-plus

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    Hm, I got a cheap one from Walmart (well mine was cheaper because I have a twin bed) but this is similar (the same as?) what I got: They have it in queen size too.

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    When I was a bedwetter my mom used to put three or four waterproof pads (plastic on one side) under my sheet covering the area where the wetting was likley to occur. We also put one fitted absorbant matress cover over it which is what I guess you are having trouble finding. At a motel I recently stayed at they had a non fitted sheet that looked like it would work pretty well. Maybe if you can buy one of those for a twin sized bed and put smaller waterproof pads under/around it it would work as you wouldn't likley wet where your pillow or feet would be.
    I know the stuff I had was washable and sturdy because it got it got sent through the washing machine almost every other day from when I was about 10 to when I was 16. When/if the sheets get wet you can always strip the bed and throw it all in the washer and the matress should be fine. It also should stay in its place on the bed aslong as you are careful when making it. All the stuff I had could fit into one load of wash making it fairly discreet.

    These are similar to the pads I was talking about:

    This, while not what I had, also seems to be the most common product from google search:

    If you get a couple pads you can use them in strategic locations under something absorbant like that.

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    Thank you very much for the inputs.

    Search engines are useless if the correct words are not entered. All I got was the disposable pads listed on adult incontinence websites previously. Very soon, I shall be ordering a zippered mattress cover and some of those extra large pads (36X54) from Amazon!

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    I got one for our queen sized bed at Target. They make two types, one that's just plastic, it crinkles, and one that seems to have fabric on the top and plastic on the underside. Actually our dog had some incontinence problems, so we got it for her, but I wanted also for myself so I didn't have to worry in case I leaked. Good luck.

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    Target seems to have everything to support our community.

    -Footed sleepers in winter time (with cool designs)
    -Pampers Underjams upon release (before the other stores get them)
    -Pampers Size 7 upon release
    -AND NOW, Queen Size Mattress protectors...

    You go target, i'll see you soon ^_^

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