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    Default Bored with diapers...

    i took my diapers off today, and i found it more pleasureable taking them off then putting them on.

    ive been wearing cloth (my childhood diapers) for 6 years now, so maybe, maybe i grew up again, no? and what i find odder is that i prefer thinner, clothier gear like pull-ups or goodnites or cloth-backed daytime diapers than i do bulky, thick and plasticy night time diapers.

    in addition, i found drinking from a bottle very boring, and i found sucking a pacifier nothing but bothersome on my chompers. when i played with mommy, i did it out of habbit, not for the thrill that i had years ago. when i put my boxers back on, it felt much better.

    and it makes me sad.but i observed im becoming a much less loving and "sensual" person altogether, but im more geared towards being a rock and a role model for my son and daughters (they do not know about my fetish... and so far im doing a damn good job), then i am towards diapers, and playtime, and "play" time with the wife.

    i dunno... i sure do miss them. and they cost me over a thousand dollars. my wallet misses them.

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    Maybe it was a phase for you. Try going a few days as a normal person and see how that tries for you.

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    i think it was. and usually i wait about 2-3 days before putting another one on. on weekends i wear 24/2.

    normal person? hmmm

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    That happens sometimes. Just take a break and youll find that youll get the urge again.

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    Well I dunno what to tell you exactly. Is it over? Maybe. Is it not over? Maybe. Is this a good thing? Dunno. Is this a bad thing? Dunno. Maybe your mind will just guide you to your next adventure . Definitely wouldn't fret over it, there's always ebay.

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    I take breaks now and then when necessary... When I feel like I'm spending too much time or thought on something that should be simply a hobby, I sort of compartmentalize it, and put it on hold. The last couple days, I broke into my currently measly stash and diapered up, because I had a buddy of mine living with me, which didn't allow much opportunity to wear. Same goes for when I'm very busy at work, or when there are things going on that I want to do instead. I've been relatively free last few evenings, and it's been nice.

    It's not that I feel I have to stop or that I'm not interested anymore, I just have other items on my agenda so-to-speak that I put in front of it.
    I don't think I could get "burned out" on diapers and lose interest completely, but then again, I've never wore THAT consistantly. I'm actually kind of wondering about that now that I mentioned it...

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    I'm pretty bored with them at the moment. I hope this fetish goes away, although empirical evidence suggests it never will.

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    im kinda feeling the same way at the moment. i told my friends about my fetish and now that it isnt such a secret anymore i havent been having these o i need to get back in my diapers urges. im waiting it out. usualy i get very unsexualy motivated during the summer and that could also be the reason why

    some times we all need a break from something. maybe you dont get the big trill anymore since it has been six years so instead of a 2 or 3 day break take a month break. come back and it might even be just as trilling as trying on your first pair...but i doubt that will be the cause. it will just be pritty damn close! lol

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    Is this a statement or are you asking a question?

    Seems like a statement to me.

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