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    Default Review: Medline Ultra-Soft

    If you've never tried these before, let me say that these are dollar for dollar the best diaper I've ever worn.

    I got these for 27.00 shipped off of eBay for a case of 86, won them in an auction, but they are definitely worth more. I've worn pretty much every popular diaper out there, ATN, Bambino, ABU, Molicare, Attends, Walgreens/CVS/Walmart, and Depends and I can say that these diapers are simply great. They hold ~4-5 wettings which for me is about the same as a Bambino (I tend to... uhh... dribble when I'm padded).

    So anyway. Down to business.

    If you are unfamiliar with the name, Medline is the company that manufacturers Molicare diapers. They also manufacture an array of other medical supplies, but thats not important. These diapers are, in essence, generic Molicares. They perform about the same as Molicare super plus and definitely have a similar feel.

    First, the Look:

    picture coming

    It has a nice, informative, yet very "medical" landing zone. The landing zone has a "fit right" region that tells you if you're wearing the right size. There are little yellow wetness indicators that are barely noticeable giving the diaper an almost all-white look, but not quite.


    The tapes work great even over long periods.


    These hold about 4 or 5 of my wettings, on par with ATN and Bambinos for me. They are pretty thick. Unfortunately, they're cloth-backed which means that dreaded "damp" feeling on the outside if too wet.


    At just $0.31 per diaper this is by far the cheapest non-baby diaper I've ever bought. Half the price of Goodnites and ~1/5 the price of a Bambino. Of course, I won these at auction. Most places have these for about $0.60 a pop; which is still good.

    Overall, this is a fantastic diaper that I definitely recommend.

    Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'll make sure to add some as soon as I find my camera/phone charger.

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    Sounds good but the look is half of what matters to me.

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    You had me excited until you said they were cloth backed. I guess you could put plastic pants over them, but it just aint the same!

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    Thanks for the review. I keep seeing these and want to try them.

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    Actually, I'd be down to try cloth-backed diapers if they actually had some absorbancy to them... worth a look it sounds like. Post pics please!!

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    These leak pretty easily for me if I'm sitting down. Equivalent absorption as Dignity Ultra Shield Plus, but in cloth instead of plastic. For the same retail price I'd go for the Dignity or the Molicare Classic Plus.

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