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Thread: Does anyone not wear diapers?

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    Default Does anyone not wear diapers?

    I quit wearing them for personal reasons. Sometimes I still want to wear but I am not depressed about it.

    Anyone here who doesn't wear them or used to wear? (As a baby and toddler doesn't count, same as when you used to wear to bed for bed wetting before you stopped, especially if you were toilet trained late).

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    I've had periods when I wouldn't wear because I wasn't in the mood, but nowadays, I'm usually in the mood.

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    I get the same thing too. I didn't wear for the past few months, just wasn't into. But you know I feel like its tied in with the season, or the weather, or your emotions, maybe something you're going through. Because it always comes and goes for me, usually bigger intervals, and just yesterday I got REALLY into it and so begins another long binge I think!

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    Yeah, i've gone through periods of months (probably 6 max) where I didn't need/want to wear at all.
    I've been wearing a lot more recently, in fact, i'm on my 3rd today already, lol

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    Well, as a teen still living with parents i still have to get my 1st diapers (fail right? =/ ) but, sometime around this summer i'm going to order some bambinos =D

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    I think you might be going through a purge cycle. Eventually you should go through the binge cycle where you're going to want to wear more often.

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    i dont wear, unless dreams count (sometimes I wear in my dreams when i really have to go pee...that's how i know to get up)

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    ive spent most of my life not wearing denying the desire to. now im learning to wear and just what i want. This is a lot easier and more enjoyable though i dont wear often.

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