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Thread: Any other Furs out there play Xbox Live? :P

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    Question Any other Furs out there play Xbox Live? :P

    Hey whats up guys? :D Do any other Furs around here play Xbox Live and are on a lot? Would be really cool to hang out with more Fur friends :D My Gamertag is: Kitt117. I play both Halo and Gears of War. I tried Googling and looking around for such topics, but they are kinda old like the year 2008 and such. And most of the online clans that were dedicated to Furries are no longer active D:? I am also thinking of creating a Babyfur group on but I don't know if anyone will join? :P But if anyone here is up for it, I will create the group Asap. Thanks Guys :D

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    I was trying to find a current thread on this and I guess it is closed now. I also call discrimination especially since I only have a PS3! PM me if you want my PSN.

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    peenought, but i don't have xbox live gold anymore. it sucks becuz shootouts on nhl 10 against the computer are boring as ill get out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    What about non-furs? D:

    I call discrimination on you!
    LOL XD!! Woops :P Non-furs too! Add me XD!

    and @ Tk7432, I don't have a PS3 =P use to though,

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    You already have me

    Ask me in IRC or send me a PM/visitor message if you ever want to play a specific game. I'll most likely get off my lazy ass and turn it on.

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    I have Xbox live, but i don't have Gold. They say next weekend they're having free Gold for three days, maybe then I'll be able to play and greet some people.
    My gamertag is BBFx75
    I have added some people, so don't be afraid to add me.
    Apologies in advanced, because, since I don't have gold, I can't PM you through the XBox, and I forgot to PM trhough ADISC.

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    JON KILLERCLOWN ........... add me

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    Yes, GT is Wolf3188, but please keep the AB/DL talk to yourselves unless your certain your talking to me, because occasionally other people do use my xbox....

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    Threads about computer games and related topics go into the Computers&Games forum, no matter who's actually playing (fur or nonfur).

    Thread moved!

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