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Thread: Pamper Party invite

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    Default Pamper Party invite

    Hey everyone,

    LuvsGurl here, DarkFinn and I would like send out a invite to all. In June we will be holding a pamper party. This is not a sexual event, just a time for people to meet and hang out. We are located in Charlotte NC. We have a few people that are planning to attend. If you would like to join let us know. We may even play a few drinking games, Alcohol optional, to see whose diaper will last longest. There is going to be music, movies, and more games.

    Bring on the Diapers..

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    I would...But NC is a bit far for me to drive...And I'm kind of underage, alcohol-wise...

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    Aw its a shame they don't have any parties like this in Houston. North Carolina is just a LITTLE too far for me.

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    I will not buy any alcohol for underage, I just have no problem for those that are of age to bring their own...

    I personaly can not drink at all so there will be lost of no-alcoholic drinks. I am a root-beeraholic.

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    dang I would be there sooo fast If I wasnt stick on this darn beer drinking lil country

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic View Post
    dang I would be there sooo fast If I wasnt stick on this darn beer drinking lil country
    I think that if this goes well we are going to make it a regular or at least anual thing...
    So if the time is bad, we can do it again.

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    He lives in Ireland is his point. Bit far.

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    How far is North carolina from upstate New York again? I may be in Canada, but I can see the U.S. a little ways away.

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