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Thread: Hi all! Nice to see so many fellows here!

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    Default Hi all! Nice to see so many fellows here!

    Hi all,

    as my nick says I'm an adult bedwetter and have had it all my life. I'm now in my thirties and still wet
    every night. I wear disposable diapers, like Tena Slip Maxi in medium size. I'd like to make friends here.

    Best regards,

    Adult_Bedwetter from Germany

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    good good, another german, Gutten tag, (dont speak german though btw.)

    anyways, might as well tell us whatelse you like to do when NOT preventing yourself from soaking the bed.

    a majority of us dont bite, so take a peek, be polite, and well mannered, and we wont have to proverbially 'release the hounds'

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    Yea, which hound would that be? All the furrys probably. Ok well hey ^_^ nice to meet you. Do you like Xbox or anything like that? Do you know how to get around the site ok? Is there anything I can help with?

    P.S. Despite his last post, some of us will bite if you screw with our masters. Mostly just the furrys though ^_^ Good luck. Nyu!

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