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Thread: What would you do? (Housing)

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    Default What would you do? (Housing)

    So, I've found 2 living arrangements for my stay over the summer, but can't decide which one to take. Both are furnished (I need) and both are relatively close to where I'll be working.

    One is $500/mo (+ util) and I'll be in a house with two other guys. This one is like 4.3 miles (yay google maps) from where I'll be working. It sounds like a pretty nice arrangement.

    The other is $600/mo (including utilities) and it's a single apartment. The guy is leaving all sorts of stuff there that I could use like TV, PS2... and this one is about 8 miles away from work.

    I kind of want the first one because it's so close I could walk or bike to work (more likely bike). Also the guys seem pretty cool and don't mind my music playing (trumpet).

    On the other hand, it would be nice to have the privacy of my own place.. for among other things, it'd be easier to wear diapers . Riding my bike from this one is not an option though, as I hear trying to merge a bicycle onto the interstate can be hazardous to your health.

    So what do I do? Also I need to decide soon.. like today or tomorrow at the latest . I don't want to lose out to someone else taking them.

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    Well if you value your privacy I say take the second one. Few things to think of:

    1. Are you saving money for anything? Living in the second may even be cheaper.
    2. Do you like lots of privacy? First one doesn't have much privacy.
    3. What was your first instinct?

    The second one includes utilities, which can be pretty pricey. They are probably both the same price, but the second one sounds much better, the only down side is that its twice as far from work.

    I say take the second, but what was yoru first instinct before you started thinking about it? Usually the first answer that pops into your head is the right one.

    Good Luck!

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    Take the second one. You'll have piece of mind and the utilities paid. It'll also be quieter.

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    I say go for the 2nd housing option. It looks like it would cost about the same since you will have to share paying for water, electric, heating/cooling etc. Not to mention I stayed with my brother for about a week when he was living in a house with 5 people one of whom was his girlfriend anyway. They all did get along but they still had to do house meetings and everything and the month I was there the slacker of the house forgot to pay the water bill (his share to the household).

    So I say go for the 2nd option. Also 8 miles to me on a bike isn't hard really.

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    I'd really have to say first. The privacy may be not so great, but think about the money you'd save in the long run by biking or walking to work instead of driving or taking a bus.

    Specially with gas prices the way they are now.

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    Trust me bud. Roommates suck ass majorly.

    Pay the extra for the one further away and take the bus or something to work. Raliegh isn't that bad of a place to be.

    Your share of utilities at the 500/mo place would probably be near $50. So it's not paying that much more.

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    Can you take an alternate route that does not include interstate from the further one? How much further is the alternate route?

    I personally have had several deadbeat roommates in the past and now avoid it if at all possible. You should consider how well you know them and how your schedule will compare to theirs. Not much is worse than waking up to loud music except getting caught with diapers.

    Riding a bike 8 miles is further than I would be willing to ride at this time, but, in the past, was acceptable. The commute time should be less than a half an hour each way (assuming above 16 mph).

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    Your always better off on your own, it might cost a little more, but it's worth the cost, people do get on your nerves after a little while, and you will wind up fighting about something.

    Plus you can wear when the mood hits you, or not, it's your choice, with roomies you have to be sneaking around and you be lucky to get a chance to wear.

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    a little confuddled here, is the first one total rent for all 3 or the individual payment that you pay? Either way, i think #2 is the best option. Privacy with diapers, and no roomies to look after or worry about. On the down side you'd have to get up kinda early to get to work, but that could be made up with some good 'ol fashion exercise.

    How much does work pay a month?

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    Flip a coin.
    Heads for one place, tails for the other...

    And then if you're happy with the result, go for that one. And if you are disappointed by the result, go for the other one.
    That's what I always do with decisions where I can't make up my mind.

    Personally, I find the second one more appealing. Utilities included, no room mates... Having to drive isn't too bad.

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