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Thread: Princess Tiana Pull-Ups!!!

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    Default Princess Tiana Pull-Ups!!!

    OMG guys, I was just on a Disney related website researching a vacation and there was an ad for girls' Pull-Ups with Princess Tiana on them! I've not seen these yet in stores!!! I'm super excited and'll be getting some soon at week's end.

    MY question is, has anyone purchased these yet, and are there any improvements, or are they pretty much the ones from a few months back with only a new facade?

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    for the ignorant and lazy (like me) Princess Tiana was in which movie?

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    Princess and the Frog, of course!!

    I would imagine its just a new design.... they change them all the time. :S

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    I've got the boy's equivilent (Toy Story :3), and I don't really notice much difference from previous ones, a bit less absorbent maybe, but just as stretchy.

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    Wow, less absorbant? That's upsetting. Oh well, either way, I just HAVE to get them. They're too cute to resist. . . Ugh, I'm so shallow.

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    Lol people who are in the market for pull-ups are generally looking for the "cute factor" as opposed to absorbency. Plus they profile is low enough that you can wear them whenever you want and not have to worry about being called out.

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