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Thread: Only TWO superpowers...

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    Default Only TWO superpowers...

    Okay, so if you had the ability to choose only TWO superpowers at your disposal, what would they be? I personally would like to have instant teleporation, like from that movie Jumper for my second... Creating and manipulating fire always looks cool. wbu?!

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    To instantly read any book I touch. Wait, no! Eye lasers and Mouth lasers. Redundant you say? Yeah, redundantly awesome.

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    the ability to fly and the ability to regenerated like wolverine does yes, I know, pain will still exist and i'm fine with that.

    Also Dethklok_still_rules.. you have to say that one thing before you use it.

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    The ability to store massive amounts of energy in my cells, and expend it however I want. And by expend however I want, I mean alter my DNA itself if I so choose, as well as accelerating the cell cycle to heal my wounds, re-create cells that couldn't otherwise be re-created, and of course, shoot lightning from my fingers! And my second power? Mind control. I could think of so many things I could do with that.

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    The ability to control the one power (read: wheel of time series) and the ability to change shape

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    ok i always have liked the ability to nullify other peoples may seem like a dick move....BUT...

    in a world of extraordinary people, the best power is making them fight just like everyone else...they don't become powerless necessarily, after all bullets, blades, and blunt objects are sill just as deadly to you as to anyone else....but now they must fight is on your terms, which makes life interesting...

    going hand in hand with this is the ablility to nullify electronic detection, like fog cameras, radio signals,,,and lots of other things, makes it very difficult to find you and can prevent people from calling for help if they are caught alone...

    while none of this is as cool as making lightning shoot from your hands....or making peoples heads explode with your mind....against such people you are the king...

    tho i think my second power might be supresses by the first one....but o well....the first one is good enough :p

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    I would have the ability to prevent other people from acting against my interests through the use of their powers (including coming to harm from them) and then the ability to turn any living thing into any other living thing. Sure, I'd still be affected by mundane shit, but then I could just turn my enemies into trees or something. (Both of these powers are from Piers Anthony's Xanth books, if they sound familiar.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten53 View Post
    the ability to manipulate ice like Iceman.
    heh. that actually made me laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten53 View Post
    Claws like Wolverine and the ability to manipulate ice like Iceman.
    So you can make.... Ice sculptures?

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