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Thread: Diaper & Lifestyle Survey

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    Default Diaper & Lifestyle Survey

    Here is a short, quick 15 question survey to see what people are into, their diaper preferences and lifestyle preferences, and gather suggestions on new diapers that any ab/dl diaper company is welcome to see to make new ab/dl diapers. So maybe they will listen to what we have to say!

    Open to AB's DL's TB's *B's Babyfurs LilFurs Diaperfurs Caretakers Babysitters Mommy's & Daddy's etc. Please feel free to take the survey, and ill post the results later on


    (Please only take it once)

    (Just FYI there are 3 short pages; you have to click on the button that says next to be able to fill out the next questions) I donno why but 2 people have filled out the first page and then exited the survey...

    ---------- Post added at 12:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 AM ----------

    If you are going to cuss, make threats or write stupid non related stuff on the survey, then please don't bother to take it. F*** off and die! in an answer slot is A. Not nice B. Uncalled for and C. stupid, so please just take it seriously. Thanks

    FYI the survey is completely anonymous I did put on there what country, and what state are you from, but nothing more specific then that.
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    You offered the option to be a teen, but almost all the questions were catered to adults. >.>

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    How were all the questions catered to adults? Ganted I started the age at 16+ but all of the questions could apply to adults or teens. And almost all of the questions have an other option, so if none of the answers apply you can add your own answer. I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean, but if you have any suggestions on how I could change it, lemme know And thanks to everyone who has taken the survey! I'm gunna wait a little while, and then I will post the results on here, and also I will forward the comments & suggestions to some of the diaper manufacturers, maybe we can get some new cool products on the market!

    BTW 30 folks have taken the survey! Yay! (Well 35 people, but I erased 5 because those people think its fun to cuss and be really mean on the survey and improperly fill it out)

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    Hehe lots of furs taking the survey!!! I'm kinda surprised for posting it in the diaper talk section, but hey no complaints here *wags tail* Thank You again!!!

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    Done. ^.^

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